How to make antiques glass mirrors?

In previous articles we have to say the beauty of antique glass for wall decoration. and also how to combine antique glass into an elegant wall hanging. and now we will tell how to make glass antiques themselves.

Antiques glass mirrors was recognized beauty, because the patterns and textures that give a natural look to the mirror. With the appearance of irregular shape, classic, unique, and seemingly decades old, not surprising for this time attracted many types of antique glass. However, to make the antique glass does not have to wait decades. One glass artisans in solo turns can make it. Although this is a result of the new process but the glass looks old or antiques.
How do I make it? This will tell us the details.
The first use 3mm or 5mm clear glass. After that, wash the glass with soap and water thoroughly. Give it a chemical mixture on the glass until evenly distributed. Wait 2-3 hours until the precipitation is yellow or a glass mirror. As for the chemical drugs used for this process are silver and graft.
After that the glass flushes with boiling water and heat with temperatures between 40-60 degrees and wait until dry. Sprinkle chemical is drugs again to make antique glass motif. Process sowing can use spray or brush teeth. To produce large and small bubbles according to the way how to sow these drugs into the glass. If a little it will produce a small stain vice verse. While the mixture is a chemical process that HCL is mixed with water, and chlorine, caustic soda, and ZN. The mixture is that produces yellow, black, purple bubble on the display. It should be noted in this process the glass should be in hot conditions. After getting an appropriate antique motif and dry surface and cover it with paint antique. With the aim to avoid scratches.
Basically more antiques glass used as wall decoration glass, interior space, or furniture. When combined with gilding wood frame will look more elegant. Besides glass antiques can also be made where light, flower vase, and others. More details please see in antiques glass mirrors. Glass antiques was also very elegant for finishing Mirrors Venetian Style.