Most Attractive Antique Mirror Style Ideas– In this day and age, owning a mediocre house seems out of date. Therefore, now many people are starting to design their homes with Antique Mirror Styles to change the look of their homes. So that the design of the house that was originally ordinary, has now become more attractive. Especially now that many ideas are popping up to decorate the walls with mirrors to get views in various directions. As a simple example, we now know that most modern home designs incorporate many Antique Mirrors as one of their trademarks.

Antique glass mirror
Antique Round Mirror

Well, maybe some of you have installed some Antique Wall Mirrors in several places in your home. But you are still not satisfied with your mirror decoration? Well, those are some creative wall hanging mirror ideas that you can apply at home.

Large Antique Mirror fills the walls of the room

Does your house have a narrow and minimalist size? So, if you want the room in your house to look wider, then you can apply an Antique Mirror to fill this wall. Its application is actually quite simple, you only use a large glass and then you arrange and adjust it to the condition of the walls of your room. The placement of this mirror will give the impression of a proportional direction of view and your room will look wider.

antique mirror
Antique Mirror Large

Minimalist antique wall mirror

The next wall hanging mirror idea is the use of Antique Wall Mirrors by combining a simple architectural touch, a patterned square arrangement which is then used to surround the mirror on the wall. Now, to get a classic and minimalist impression, you don’t need to use large glass or mirrors, just an Antique Wall Mirror but framed with a touch of architecture or ornaments around it. You can put this wall hanging mirror in the living room, with the aim of being the center of attention of anyone who will visit your home.

Antique mirror tiles for hallway

Is there a hallway in your house? Well, sometimes the hallway in the house often seems dark and narrow. But you can get rid of all that with Antique Mirror tiles ideas for the hallway in the house. So, so that the hallway in your house doesn’t seem plain, then you can put a wall hanging mirror. You can adjust the size to the conditions of the hallway. If the hallway is long, then you can form a mirror arrangement in such a way, so it doesn’t give the impression of being plain and boring.

Meanwhile, if the hallway is short, you can combine a mirror with some family photos, for example.In addition to some ideas for wall hanging mirror models, you also have to pay attention to the right placement. So, here are some tips for placing the most appropriate wall hanging mirror and will give a luxurious impression to your home.

Antique Mirror company
Antique Mirror Tiles

Match the Antique Mirror theme to the room

Well, do you already have an idea about the Antique Mirror Style design idea that is suitable for your room. So, you can consult us for more interesting antique mirror designs. Thank you for reading this article, if you find it useful, you can share it with your friends so they can also benefit from this article.

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