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Venetian Mirror: Elegant Residence with Classic European Style

Venetian Mirror: Elegant Residence with Classic European Style

There is hardly a house that doesn’t have mirrors on its walls. In today’s technological developments, it is very possible for wall mirrors to be made with mass fabrication and the benefits are not only for that need. However, the wall mirror has a new role as an elegant wall decoration in the living room, family room, and also in bedroom.

Especially on the wall mirror with a Venetian Mirror Style. Did you know there is a very luxurious mirror called the Venetian Mirror? Venetian Mirror itself is the art of carving on glass which is the frame for the mirror in the middle. Let’s learn more about Venetian Mirror.

What is Venetian Mirror?

Venetian Mirror Company is glassware made in Venice, precisely located on the island of Murano not far from the city. Traditionally, mirrors are made of “metal” derived from soda lime and are usually intricately decorated or designed, using various techniques of heating glass forming, as well as by gilding, enameling, or engraving.

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Venetian Mirror Company

The History of the Venetian Mirror

The Venetian Mirror Manufacture has been centered on the Venetian island of Murano since the 13th century. Today Murano is known for its art of glass, but there also has a long history of innovation in glassmaking, apart from its artistic fame, and was a major center of the luxury glass in Europe from the Middle Ages to the Italian Renaissance.

In the 15th century, glassmakers in Murano created another work of art, the almost transparent Cristallo, which is considered the finest glass in the world. Mirror maker Murano also developed a white mirror or also called the attimo milk mirror that looks like porcelain. They later also became the best mirror makers in Europe.

At first, Venice was ruled by the Byzantine Empire but eventually became an independent state. Then it developed as a trading center and also a port. His good relations with the Middle East help his glassmakers gain additional skills because in Middle Eastern countries glassmaking is more advanced than in various fields such as Syria and Egypt.

Brown Venetian Mirror

Brown Venetian Mirror

Although Venetian glassmaking in factories dates back to the 8th century and was legally centered in Murano since 1291. Since the glass factories caught fire frequently, this reduced the chances of a catastrophic fire occurring in the city. Venetian glassmakers developed secret ways and methods for making glass and concentrating on Venetian Glass Mirror making on the island of Murano allowed better control over their secrets.

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Venetain mirror horizontal

Then Murano became the center of luxury glassmaking in Europe and reached the peak of its popularity in the 15th and 16th centuries. Venice’s dominance of trade along the Mediterranean gave birth to wealthy merchants who were strong connoisseurs of the arts.

This helps build demand for art glass and also leads to more innovation. The spread of talent for glassmaking in Europe eventually reduced the popularity of Venice and its Murano glassmakers. The seizure and dissolution of Venice by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1797 caused even more difficulties for the Murano glassmaking industry. Venetian Mirror Murano glassmaking began to revive in the 1920s.

Venetian Mirror Murano

Venetian Mirror Murano

Today, Murano and Venice are tourist attractions, and Murano is home to many glass factories and several studios of individual artists. The Museo del Vetro at the Palazzo Giustinian displays the history of glassmaking as well as glass samples from Egyptian times to the present day.

Well, that was the history of Venitian Mirror. Very interesting isn’t it?

Venetia mirror also has many options for you to use as the interior of your home, including Small Venetian Mirrors, vanity Venetian mirrors, modern Venetian mirrors, eBay Venetian mirrors, and Etsy Venetian mirrors.

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