Long Venetian Mirror

Want to have different and unique style for your dressing mirror? Try to set long Venetian mirror for your unique style. Venetian mirror has been famous for its unique and beautiful styles that come from Italian glass working that touched with era 17th century. You can choose such as Venetian floor mirror that has wood frame and classic style of rectangle mirror. You can place it just in the floor and set in your bedroom as your dressing mirror. Give your children their own Venetian kid mirror that has tripod and colored in light color to make them happy. They can play with their mirror and start to dress by their selves.

The modern Venetian cheval mirror that has unframed mirror and black back pod will great to put in your dressing room with its 170×58 cm size that will make you are able to see your look.  The variation for this cheval models is come from its double black mirror side frame cheval mirror.  The frame has combination between black and silver frame glass. The triple bevel frame of Venetian mirror that designed with large learner has size of 165cmx79cm that will give you perfect look with its premium glass materials beveled.  Take elegant for your Venetian mirror in your gold edged Venetian mirror that has 168cmx76cm size.

Give your corner space with antique Venetian mirror that has beautiful ornate in both sided. It has sided corned engraved that emerge and has gold color to give you dramatic effect. Combine with unique accessories in the sided mirror such as lamp or sculpture. Get free standing Venetian mirror in mitred cheval Venetian mirror style.  It has slim design with 156cmx40cm size and framed with its silver mirror. Those long Venetian mirrors will make your space larger than before and make your room fantastic.