Venetian wall mirror kasana – 1065


X Medium : H 120cm x W 60cm

Large           : H 140cm x W 70cm

XLarge        : H 160cm x W 80cm

XXLarge     : H 180cm x W 90cm


Hang a venetian wall mirror kasana with oval on the middle and carved antiques on the wall of the house gives a sense of inner beauty to add Decorative. When you look in the mirror, not someone else would you get, but yourself. That’s when you can reflect your physical self, can also be an inspiration to showcase your sense of style, and complement home decor. Of course, by setting such a way that beautifully integrated with existing furniture furnishings. You can also give its own hue to the room. Mirror is also very suitable for the bathroom mirror, bedroom mirror, or a vanity mirror, or just a wall decoration mirror. Of Course by selecting the size, design, and color matching.