old Venetian mirror

Old venetian mirrors

Created on: August 25, 2010   Last Updated: August 26, 2010

The Venetian style of home decorating has been increasingly popular for many years and it still has its tight hold in homemaking. The style pertains to the likes of Venice, Italy and has been in the making since the start of the Renaissance. This alone makes people love the style and old but still unique feel in this day and age. There are many types of Venetian styles that have still been with us and the most popular look for many homes are the style of Venetian mirrors.

Elegant with a classic but substantial look, this kind of mirror has been seen in the homes of the rich for every decade. Not every Venetian mirror has to be costly though, there are many in the style with a better price. Every look of these mirrors holds a different story and there is surely one to fit every type of home style even if it’s modern, or just classic sophisticated. One of the best looking types of these mirrors is the tall and long beige colored rimmed Venetian. These have a long base and at the top, a beautiful decorated sculptured design to the likes of medieval Italian artists.

This type of mirror fits will in any Mediterranean styled home because of its simple yet elegant textures and appeal. It gives the feeling of an old time cracked mirror almost and puts a new modern emphasis on it. Another type of Venetian mirror is the circled shape. This type of mirror is probably the most basic of the style with its perfectly edged sides and modern build. Sometimes they have beautifully decorated twists into the ceramic molding giving it a more outlasting appeal.

Another type is the rectangle version of the mirror. These can be a bit more on the fancy side and even lose the feeling of old Italy. Some can even be diamond crusted on the sides! These look a bit gaudy but there are also variants of the mirror with less decals and more mirror space, some can even look much like the Mediterranean style. When choosing a Venetian styled mirror it is can be fun and exciting looking at all the types and but also take in consideration the style that will most definitely fit the personal method of your home. Every Venetian mirror has a different look to it so it’s wise to go through all the choices before making a true selection.

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