Antique glass mirror

Antique Venetian Mirror 140x70cm (7)

Decoration Ideas with 1950’s Wall Mirrors

Placing a mirror can be an instant, smart idea to quickly make a room at your house look more aesthetic. Not only in a bedroom or bathroom, but you can [...]

Inilah Ternyata Gaya Bingkai Cermin Dinding by MGG

Gaya Bingkai by MGG ( Margo Glass Gallery ) Memilih cermin dinding juga perlu memperhatikan gaya interiornya. Karena ini penting untuk menentukan gaya binkai yang akan di pakai. Bingkai cermin [...]
industrial antique mirror

What You Need to Understand about Industrial Panel Mirror

The industrial panel mirror is a kind of mirror that is usually chosen by most people to decorate their home. When you need to look for the best mirror for your home, [...]
Antique Wall Mirror

Best for Trying: Antiqued Glass Mirror

 An antiqued glass mirror is a kind of mirror you can choose to get the best home decoration. This mirror will make your home look larger and spacious. If you are adding [...]
Antique Mirror

Making a Distressed Industrial Mirror

A mirror is one of the most needed things that we should have in the house as soon as possible. Because a mirror can do a lot of things. They [...]
Antique Mirror

Antique Mirror Glass for A Unique Taste

Finding the right home interior idea gets easier to do these days. However, if you have a unique taste, you need to work a bit harder for sure. If you [...]
Antique Wall Mirror

4 Stunning Ideas of Antique Mirror Tiles

Antique mirror tiles are one of the creative ideas of using mirrors. Just like other mirrors, the tiles are functioned for mirroring. But they are designed in such a way [...]

Things to Know about the Antique Mercury Glass Mirror

A mercury glass mirror is one of the home decoration ideas to try. Well, it is mainly if you are looking for an alternative for conventional mirrors many people may [...]
Venetian Mirror

Unik!!!! Toko Cermin dan Kaca di SOLO.

Setalah anda mengunjungi berbagai tempat tampat wisata di solo, sempatkan sejenak untuk berkunjung ke salah satu centra kerajinan toko kaca ukir sebagai hasil karya khas dari kabutan sukoharjo, sebelah selatan [...]

Antique Smoked Glass Mirror

Antique Smoked Glass Mirror is the type of glass mirror which is different from the standard silver mirror. This is because it provides a quiet reflection, while making a stylish [...]

Antique Mirror Decorative Glass

Antique mirror decorative glass can be to improve the natural lighting, to accent the room and make your room more beautiful.  If you decorate your bathroom, bedroom, or hallway, the [...]

Antique Mirror Glass Dresser

There are many reasons why people are looking for antique mirror glass dresser. A dressing table is a piece of furniture with some drawers. It is useful to store clothing [...]

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