Installing Venetian Mirror Bathroom Will Beautify Your Home

The house is a place that serves to take rest. My means everyone wants a rest in home. But now, of land in major cities where you live generally been more limited so that any dwelling house size is limited anyway. But when dealing with a house that has become, for example, the house we live in now, sometimes appears. The quality room of the house that we had not at.

To achieve the impression of the room in the house that looks more broadly, we can apply some tricks, such as the installation of Venetian Mirror Bathroom on one wall of the room to give the impression area, for example in parts of memorable like a narrow hallway. Venetian Mirror Bathroom to expand the small room. Come-sized mirror can make a narrow room look wider. The mirror also directing the chi energy in the room so the room was more broadly. The mirror in the hallway. If in front of the entrance there is a ladder, put a convex mirror to reflect chi energy back into the house. Place the wide flat mirror next to the door so that you can see around the door so open.

As a result, the room was not comfortable to wear for the rest. So, avoid the mirror-box city. Reflection fragmented cause chi disturbed. The mirror should be large enough so that you can see the whole face with ease or if the length of the mirror, you can see throughout the body. When installing try to shade the head in the mirror is not cut off. Lighting at the appropriate points in a room can give the impression of a more spacious room comfortable. Another way that can be used to provide flexibility of space is by elevating the ceiling or ceiling of your home. It might require a little more effort renovation, but generally the end result is quite significant. Another way that can be taken is to paint the walls of the room with matching soft colors, such as white, beige, light blue.

Painting with this color will give the room a light effect and not “pressed” like effect created by the strong colors (dark blue, orange, brown). In addition, minimizing the use of interior elements by combining two functions in one section can also provide more flexibility of space. It is intended to save space you have at home. Things like this are often seen in the dining room together with the kitchen area, or space together with other

Mirror is a material that is very unique because it can reflect light and shadow. This is because the nature of the reflective surface. In general, a mirror is used to decorate and held yourself it as the development of architecture and interior, mirror function is often adapted into the elements in the space of a building. On this occasion, the mirror was elected to the material chosen to match with the lights, the source lightning. The two of them in the most unexpected places and get the impression that make your dwelling even more special as well as personal.