What is Antique Mirror ?

Antique Mirror Or better known as antique mirror is Rust that does not spread over the mirror reflection surface and produces a permanent irregular graphic. Antique Mirror is often a target among architect and interior designers who have the impression of living in the past, Antique mirror manufacture is indeed rare. we meet, but on the other hand, there are so many fans of antique mirrors, so it’s no wonder that antique mirrors are now very rare. Mirrors have been around you since the Middle Ages and have become an important part that is rarely recognized in everyday life, being in the mirror where we check our appearance. Antique Mirror itself is very good for beautifying your room because it has a different impression effect, Antique Mirror style varies according to the skills, architects and techniques used to make reflective glass. This property can tell antique dealers and workers easily about the period from which the mirror came from. The glass is one of the oldest mirrors around, dating back to the 16th century. It is made of glass coated on one side with a reflective material and is produced by a process called silver.

Antique Mirror Style
Antique Mirror Style

Antique mirrors have been an effective weapon in the interior designer’s arsenal for years, and are showing no signs of becoming outdated. Unlike some of the latest modern designs that you will see in modern architecture and home magazines, these misleading decorative frames and mirror panels can add a rustic feel to any room. One of the mirror and wholesale mirror suppliers in Indonesia is MargoGlassGallery here where a variety of glass mirror. Antique mirror Developed as a luxurious wall decoration and a target for art connoisseurs, MargoGlass Gallery has several motifs that may suit your taste. The Kar motif has small spots on the edges of the mirror for the antique flat edge lamps and spots on the edges if the Mulya ones are small dots evenly distributed over the entire surface, while Dinan has thin spots in the middle. Those are some of the antique motifs in the magoglass gallery. If you have inspiration, we can do it. help make it. Antqiue mirror is often Used in architectural and decorative circles, apart from the use of reproduction and clear antique frames, and is used in domestic and commercial interior design, such as wall coverings, in furniture requiring vintage mirrors, table tops, or Antique Mirrored Glass Lamps. Apart from interior interiors, they are popular in hotels, bars, restaurants and commercial buildings.

Antique Mirror company
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For all its types, nothing good comes easy. but you want some kind of antique mirror, you have to find the best Antique Mirror Glass and. Be prepared to give your money. The motive behind buying this mirror will determine whether you want a new one like the Osborn Antique Mirror Glass or one that has an old look.