Why Antique Venetian Mirror So Antique? Let’s Check it !

Make a design plan in the beginning, because it will affect the type of mirrors and installation techniques. Determine the location of the mirror, can be on one area of the wall in full or partially. Mirrors mounted on one corner of the room the size of a door can also give the illusion of space behind the wall. The requirement put the furniture next to the glass wall in order to create the perfect illusion. Wide field of mirrors can also be modified to make pieces of mirror and compose like a puzzle to cover the entire wall. Can also be combined with other material suitable design that you want. Specify the frame or mirror will wear it or not. This will affect the installation techniques and the thickness of the mirrors used. Measure carefully will field wall mounted mirror. If the design of the walls are made of pieces of mirror, do not forget to note also the size of each piece of mirror. Make sure that when the Antique Venetian Mirror pieces that have been arranged, to be fitted in the wall. The accuracy of this measurement is used also as a guide when ordering and installing mirrors.

There are two types of mirrors used for interior. If you want to give a broad effect on the room using a Antique Venetian Mirror with perfect reflection. If you want a more elegant atmosphere and cozy space use bronze mirrors. Bronze mirror effect is usually combined with warm lighting. Mirror design that will be installed on the thickness of the mirror effect. Use mirrors 5mm thickness for application in the mirror without frames (frameless) in a wide area. Do not use thickness below it, because the mirror will sag and produce shadow space distortion. While the mirror design that uses a frame on the edge enough to use the mirror with a thickness of 3mm. This is because the position of the mirror frame took hold..

Before installing the mirror first check the wall material to be coated mirrors. The brick wall is generally strong enough to withstand the load of the Antique Venetian Mirror. In its application, the mirrors will not be installed directly on the surface of a brick wall. Rather glued on back panel which has been linked to a brick wall. This is because the surface of the brick walls are uneven and prone seeped. Back panel can be made of plywood. In contrast to the brick walls, gypsum beneath the weight of the mirror.

Therefore, if the walls are made of gypsum, gypsum first off of the chassis. Replace with a 9mm thick plywood panel. After that, the mirror can be directly applied with double-sided tape and glue yellow. Mirror is a material that is fragile and breakable. Do not let the mirror shards injure you. Therefore, use standard safety equipment such as goggles and gloves to prevent accidents at work.