The Venetian mirror style

For the interior designer to arrange the living room, an office, a bedroom for hotels, apartments or other places turned out to have a number of ways. One of them is to hang Venetian mirrors. Although the mirror is classified as a kind of luxury goods and expensive memorable turns much in use as complement the layout.

Just as a mirror in general, special mirrors this model can indeed showed his class as a mirror to decorate the interior space. This style is unique style, modern classic or very subtle difference. With a blend of furniture mirrors can enhance the impression of space and higher, but to do it Venetian mirror must be in the design is very attractive, according to the size of the wall space and blends with the theme of building a house. When the Venetian mirrors hanging on the walls of the room can give a first impression that the room will look wider, when exposed to light, the reflection of the mirror will give you the brightness of its own and can certainly cover the wall that would not look dull. Another example for owners of space whose walls are broken or chipped paint solution is hanging Venetian antique mirror on the wall. The trick antic mirror made with panels 25cmx25cm size boxes are fused into one. And give cabinet underneath with 90cm high will give the impression of a charming. Because of its irregular shape and seem like a mirror in the 19th century will make the space more classic.

Another example would be the idea of a detailed interior but can be easily understood. When you place a Venetian mirror on the wall and a nice closet just below the decorative mirrors as described earlier, you want a precise measurement of the mirror wall, and precise measurements of the cupboard to bring two pieces of furniture together well. It is suggested that the Venetian mirror width should be about two-thirds of the width of the closet. This will give the Venetian mirrors and cabinets look very fit, increase the wall and the whole room. How do I hang it? Give the screws on the wall and stay attachment, because on any given rear hanger and it can facilitate.