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Utilization of Antique Wall Mirrors As Room Accents

Utilization of Antique Wall Mirrors As Room Accents

margovenetianmirror.com – When you go to a restaurant, cafe, or a relative’s house, have you ever found a rusty mirror?
Indirectly you think, why not immediately replace it with a new mirror?
The reason is, some people deliberately maintain the effect of rust on the mirror, as a decorative element.
This is what we usually call an Antique wall mirror, the use of an antique wall mirror as an accent in a room is one way to highlight something in the room.
With this mirror, it will attract everyone’s attention, while reducing the monotony of the room.

The use of antique mirrors as room accents has succeeded in attracting public interest as well as art connoisseurs.
The classic design results from the damage of the silver coating on the silver mirror with hard water, giving rise to a rust motif.
That way, the look of the Antique mirror glass becomes very luxurious.
Well, here are the types of antique mirrors that you can make a room accent.

Antique Wall Mirror Tiles

The use of antique wall mirrors has become the desire of the public and art connoisseurs. Because it gives an effect that supports the classic impression so it is very popular.
One of them is an Antique mirror wall tiles which is one of the decorations applied to a room.
Supported by a rust motif that makes the impression look more luxurious.

Antique Wall Mirror Tiles

Antique Wall Mirror Tiles

The mirror is suitable for display on the living room wall, in addition to giving a classic impression to the room, the presence of a mirror can add aesthetic value.
Not only that, mirrors can also be displayed on the walls of the family room, even the bedroom, thus creating a comfortable atmosphere.

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Antique Wall Mirror Large

Next there is a antique wall mirror large, having an antique mirror is indeed a blessing for everyone.
It has a high artistic value, making it one of the most favorite mirrors among antique collectors and the general public.
This mirror has a large size, so it is suitable for large rooms.

Antique Wall Mirror Large

Antique Wall Mirror Large

For those of you who have a large room, this mirror is highly recommended.
Followed by a 3D style, making it look very charming, right? it’s only right if it is displayed in your room to display a more beautiful impression.
In addition, the use of a small antique mirror also adds to the splendor.
Oh yes, for the 5mm thick mirror, the rear frame uses 18mm multiplex and black paint finish.
The mirror can be hung vertically or horizontally on the wall, using two hangers.

It’s a pity, this mirror is getting rare, because the manufacturing process is quite complicated, so some companies don’t produce it.
But don’t worry, we are one of the antique mirror companies with the best quality and service.

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So, that’s a little article that we can share, hopefully it will be useful, see you on the next content… Thank you.

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