Convex Mirror

5 Tips for Placing a Round Convex Mirror in a House to Look Good

Convex Mirror

The art of making a room in a house look attractive and beautiful is how we place various interiors and various types of interiors that we use to decorate the room.

It would be even better if the interior is not only a display to make it look attractive, but also has a functional value in the room so that it makes it multifunctional because it functions in as well as a decoration for the room.

One interior that is often used to decorate a room in a house is a round convex mirror. As a mirror, of course, you can also use it to be a decoration in your home. However, you cannot carelessly place it.

For that, below will be given some examples in placing it in a room in the house so that it looks attractive.

Convex Mirror


No doubt, other than as a shower, the bathroom is often a place for us to do maintenance on other parts of our body. Examples are like our face, or teeth. Of course, activities like cleaning your face and teeth, you need a mirror to help see which areas are not yet reached so you can reach them later.

Instead of you just using a square or rectangular mirror with a size that is quite long, you better use this round convex mirror. With a size that is not too large, you can indirectly focus on the area of the part that only appears in the mirror.

Convex Mirror

On the fireplace

Did you know that putting a mirror on a fireplace is an interesting idea? This certainly makes the atmosphere and the view more later for a fireplace that has a mirror on it.

Right after the Christmas celebration, you can also use it to place various decorations around it so that the nuances of Christmas in your home will be more festive again later.Hallway room

If your house has an alley, you can place a mirror in the middle later. With this mirror, the hallway will reflect what is happening and what is in the hallway. Making the hallway look as if it is broader than it is.

Convex Mirror

On the table

The mirror is also very suitable if you place it on the table. You can adjust various objects on the table later. Are there some books, a flower vase, or your cosmetics and makeup tools?

Of course, you must match it first later. If you place and combine it with a table and a vase of flowers or some books, then you can adjust its placement in the front area such as the living room, living room, or your personal space to increase its aesthetic power. If combined with a makeup table, of course, more suitable to be placed in the room.

Near the front door

An interesting idea to place it on the wall near the front door. In addition to adding decoration from the living room, you can also use it to check whether your clothes before coming out are neat or not later.


Those are just a few ideas for placing the best and most interesting round convex mirrors for the rooms in your home. Even so, that is not a limitation. You can explore more broadly and conduct experiments to adjust to your taste as well.