Pay Attention to Tips Before Buying Antique Mirror Glass!!! Regarding Antique mirror glass, we will provide tips before buying or installing it. Talking about antique mirrors, this type is the most popular element among the people. This type, is an element that is identical to black spots on an uneven surface. This type of element emphasizes the classic style, so it is perfect for those of you who like a touch of old school. Its presence in a room will certainly give an elegant and attractive impression. In addition, its existence makes the room look brighter and wider.

In general, when talking to ordinary people about Antique mirror wall, not much is asked. In detail so as to cause misunderstandings. Which often arises due to product results that do not match expectations. Therefore, we will provide some tips, before buying an antique mirror to match your expectations. Here’s what you need to pay attention to.

large antique mirror
large antique mirror
  • Selection of mirror type

The very first thing is the selection of the type of mirror, did you know that this element has a very large selection of types? Before you go to buy it, it would be nice to make a choice that fits the concept of the room. In this case it is very important because it affects the appearance and harmony in a room. One of the types, namely the Distressed antique mirror. From the name alone is quite unique right. This type is also the same as the others, but emphasizes a very thick classic impression. The reason is, the black spots on the surface are more evenly distributed than the others.

distressed antique mirror
distressed antique mirror
  • Determine the size of the mirror according to your needs

After determining the selection of the type of mirror, which is in accordance with the conditions of the room. The next step is to choose the size of the mirror that must match the area of the room. By paying attention to this, of course, will make the room balanced. If you have more space, you can apply a Large antique mirror on the walls of your house. It also aims to make the dwelling, feel much more spacious and bright. In addition, the size of the mirror you choose depends on the concept and design of the house. Therefore, it is recommended that you measure the area where the mirror will be installed before buying it.

  • Choose the motif on the mirror as desired

The next thing is, the selection of motifs on the mirror. This element is a kind of mirror which, identical to the uneven black spots. Basically the motive is not just one, but has many very diverse motifs. One of them, the Kar motif is identical to the small dots on the edges. The mulyo motif is identical with small dots that are spread evenly on its surface. There are also dinan and lagerlam motifs, so it can be adjusted according to your wishes. The selection of the right motif also plays a role in creating the character of the house.

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And those are some tips before buying an antique mirror that we can explain. In addition to being used as a residential complement, it can also add a strong classic impression to a room. You can find this type at, Antique mirror company. For other types of categories, please visit our website. Thank you

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