Advantages of Using Square Glass Mirror Tiles

Advantages of Using Square Glass Mirror Tiles

If you’re looking to give your home a much-needed update, a selection of mosaic-style and metro-style Square Glass Mirror Tiles could be the thing. Perfect for bringing a contemporary look to the walls of your home, cheap mirror tiles are guaranteed to bring out an abundance of lightness and elegance.

Why use mirror tiles?

  • Light reflection

A Large Antique Glass Mirror is a tried and tested interior design trick for brightening and expanding dimly lit spaces, as the reflective surface allows any light to bounce around the room making it feel more spacious. The same rule applies to Small Wall Mirror mosaics.

From windowless bathrooms to dull kitchens, mirrored wall tiles offer a cost-effective way to make dark spaces feel light and airy. Remember that the larger the mirror surface, the brighter it will be, so think broadly with areas of mirror tiles to maximize the amount of light reflected.

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Large Antique Mirror Glass

Large Antique Mirror Glass

  • Added depth

Mirror tiles have the unique ability to add width, making areas look and feel larger. Prepared for use in modest kitchens, bathrooms, and small hallways, its reflective properties will expand small spaces, creating the optical illusion of a much larger space.

This is especially true if you are using Antique Mirror Furniture with beveled edges, as this will turn the flat reflective surface into a three-dimensional surface.

Antique Wall Mirror Panels

Antique Wall Mirror Panels

  • Guaranteed practicality

Like most antique mirrors near me,  Antique Glass Mirror Tiles also have excellent practical properties for covering your walls. Its smooth, glossy surface not only provides a clean finish but also makes maintenance easy.

Simply clean with a cloth using a glass cleaner or white vinegar solution regularly. This keeps your mirrored wall tiles shiny and streak-free and makes it easy to remove cooking splatters, watermarks and dirty fingerprints.

Although made of glass, these mirror tiles are also a hardwearing and durable option for walls in kitchens, bathrooms and other areas of the home. With proper care, they can continue to look their best for years to come.

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Antique Glass Mirror Tiles

Antique Glass Mirror Tiles

  • Environmentally friendly

Glass mirror tiles are an environmentally friendly material. As well as being designed to last many years, at the end of their life cycle, glass wall tiles like these can also be recycled. This is all to make it a viable alternative for homeowners looking to make an eco-conscious update to their property that provides maximum style with minimal environmental impact.

Antique Wall Mirror

Antique Wall Mirror

  • Mirror tile style option

Our collection of Vintage Rectangular Mirror tiles and mirrors offers a variety of different shapes and styles, giving you all the variety you need to find the perfect solution for your home.

Antique Rectangular bubble

Antique Rectangular bubble

Square mirror mosaic: usually sold in larger slabs, these tiny mirror tiles are perfect for giving walls texture and depth with a glossy square grid design.

Mini metro tile mosaic: give your walls a retro vibe with a twist, using mini metro mirror tiles on a slab is perfect for an eye-catching splashback or decorative border in any room.

Metro mirror tiles: our standard size metro mirror tiles give you all the charm and character of subway tiles with a very chic and glossy finish. Available in 5mm and 8mm thickness in various size.


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