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Be Pretty with Venetian Dressing Table Mirror

One of the timeless interiors for your home sweet home is Venetian Style Mirrors. It is considered a decorative element for your space. Oftentimes paired with vintage furniture, it actually pairs well with contemporary furniture too. You can always mix and match with the help of your designer. One of the spaces that will look elegant with Venetian Mirrors is your bedroom. It will help you capture light and reflect it uniquely. You can also use it to check your appearances every morning.

Brief History of Venetian Mirrors

Venetian Mirrors refer to mirrors made in Venetia around the 15th Century. Back then, in Murano, artisans created mirrors with secret manufacturing processes. Around the 16th century, France creates a mirror hall in the Palace of Versailles, making glass-making accessible to the whole world. The mirrors created in Venetia are tinned. Making it have a more unique reflection of light. Other than that, Venetian Wall  Mirrors can be designed according to the owner and the house interiors.

venetian glass mirror
Venetian Mirror Style

Venetian Mirror Supplier

Nowadays, Venetian Mirror Supplier goals are to create a modern design that will fit into your house’s interior. They offer a lot of choices. Starting from the borders, shapes, and colors. Some of the examples are fish scales Venetian mirrors, and horizontal Venetian mirrors. These two will serve as a unique point for your house. But you also need to discuss it with your designer. Venetian mirror placement can be fatal for your other interior design.

Venetian mirror full length

Venetian Dressing Table Mirror

If you are aiming for elegance in your room, you might want to try the Venetian Dressing Table Mirror. Not only pretty for your liking, but also supports your room interior. Sometimes, Venetian dressing table mirrors came in a set of three. The one that you see in old movies. Or you get one with an accent that supports your room interior. The common accents are crown-like on the top of the mirror. So you can get more feels in your appearances.

Venetian mirror round

Other Type Venetian Mirror

Another use of mirrors is to highlight the whole room. It is a decorative purpose and usually uses the Small Venetian Mirror. This mirror will catch the light and reflect it. It will also enhance your room’s interior, making it look slightly bigger. A small Venetian mirror goes well with a wall cabinet completed with picture frames. This created cozy home vibes for your room.

Or if you feel like having a lot of wall decorations, a horizontal Venetian Mirror might be a perfect choice for you. Arrange it in a way that creates an elegant crowd of wall decorations. Pair it with some hanging succulents and a wall cabinet filled with books. Choose neutral colors and simple borders to make it chicer.

venetian style large mirror
Small Venetian Mirror

Not only serve a purpose in your room, but you can also add mirrors as decorations. Venetian mirrors are now considered a great interior asset to have, and give your house an elegant touch. Pair well with other decorations to get a more creative room.


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