House Like a Kingdom by Antique Venetian Mirror

The presence of an Antique Venetian Mirror in a room can make or break an entire home scene. Antique mirrors, on the other hand, provide a rich atmosphere and add special interest to the room. Antique mirrors are much sought after because people prefer these mirrors for their home ornaments. Antique Style Mirrors are indeed […]

Relieve Stress While Working at Home with Convex Mirror Round

Working from home is fun, we can avoid getting up early, traffic jams and saving on transportation costs. However, continuously undergoing work from home activities can also trigger very high stress. To get around this, you can bring an atmosphere or a touch of colors that can improve the mood while working at home with […]

Antique Style Mirror As The Main Interior Of The Room

Geometry Antique Mirror

Surely many of you already know about mirrors, and many also say, mirrors are objects that bring good luck. Because the mirror has a different aura with other interiors. Antique Style Mirror is one of the decorative mirrors that is the target of many people. In addition, you can also choose one of the Antique […]

Make Your House More Unique with Convex Wall Décor

Convex Mirror Round – Beautifying your home by redecorating can be a relaxing activity. Not only does it bring a new atmosphere, but it can also make your home more comfortable. You can redecorate in any way, for example, replacing wall decorations with Convex Wall Décor. Updating the appearance of the house is a priority for many […]

Classic Concept House With Antique Mirror Wall Options

Antique Mirror Glass

Many people are now competing to decorate their homes with various interiors. In fact, many people even hire expensive designers to get great results. Antique Mirror Wall is one of the interiors that is often subscribed to by designers. In addition, this one mirror is quite difficult to obtain because not all places can make […]

Welcoming Chinese New Year with Wall Mirror Decoration

Chinese New Year is not just a celebration, but also a place where families gather at home. Home decoration is very important for this important celebration, one of which is Wall Mirror Decoration because Chinese New Year is one of the most important holidays that will make people gather in the house. Wall mirror décor […]

No Day Without Venetian Wall Mirrors

Venetian Wall Mirrors – Ma ny already know what Venetian Wall Mirrors is, a carved mirror that can only be made with professional hand skills. This mirror comes from one of the largest cities in Italy, the city of Venice. because it has its own uniqueness. This mirror itself has existed in the interior sector since the […]

Margo Glass Gallery Ramaikan Pameran Solo Art & Craft di Solo Paragon

Pameran Solo Art&Craft – Solo Art & Craft merupakan pameran yang digelar di Grand Atrium Solo Paragon Mall Lifestyle dimulai tanggal 12 Januari 2022 sampai 16 januari 2022 . Solo kota yang dikenal akan budaya seni. Seiiring dengan perkembangan dunia seni, solo memiliki banyak sekali pameran-pameran baik itu permanen seperti pameran museum radya pustaka tetapi juga ada […]

Why You Should Install Venetian Wall Mirrors in Your Home? – Anyone not familiar with Venetian Wall Mirrors?. Here we will explain why you should install Venetian Wall Mirrors in your home?. As we already know Venetian Mirror Style is a carved mirror that comes from the Venetian city, more precisely in Italy. Venetian Wall Mirror itself is a wall mirror that is in […]

Create Work Spirit by Convex Mirror Round in the Office Room

Convex Wall Mirror – Office space or a place where the activities of employees or employees are used. The time spent by employees or employees can be longer compared to other places. So to increase effectiveness and performance, office space requires an interior or decoration that is good for hours in the office and just looking at […]

Venetian Mirror Style Becomes One of People’s Dreams

Venetian Wall Mirror – Mirrors are objects that we often see, even almost all the time. Besides that, mirrors are also easy to find in several places. Mirrors have a lot of motifs and shapes that might become one of the dreams of people. One type of mirror that is currently on the rise The current leaf […]

Margo Glass Gallery Hadir di Pameran UMKM Solo Paragon Mall Lifestyle – Solo Paragon Mall Lifestyle menggelar pameran mulai tanggal 3 Januari 2022 hingga 15 Januari 2022 Pameran tersebut dengan tema “UMKM”. Apa itu UMKM ? UMKM merupakan singkatan dari usaha mikro kecil dan Menengah, yang merupakan salah satu model dalam kegiatan perdagangan, biasanya dilakukan oleh individu atau perorangan dengan badan usaha yan lingkupnya lebih […]