Antique Wall Mirror Panels More Attractive, Unique and Functional

Antique Mirror Wall Panels

Do you know, what is the function of Antique Wall Mirror Panels for your home? Of course, I can meet any decorating needs. Either in design or usability. So that the arrangement of the room becomes more beautiful and attractive. Because, it can be used as decorative glass that has artistic and aesthetic motives. With […]

Not Broken, But This is indeed an Antique Wall Mirror

Antique Venetian Wall Mirror

Have you ever seen a broken mirror? A broken mirror is a sentence that many hear in the ear of a mirror that can’t be used anymore. A broken mirror could be broken, scratched, dirty or something else. This time we will discuss antique mirrors, which some people call antique mirrors broken mirrors, why??? Because […]

Tips on Caring for the Most Effective, Long Lasting Venetian Wall Mirror!

How to care for Venetian Wall Mirrors ? Maybe this is your current question. That’s right, because we’re going to cover that for you. Provide powerful tips on caring for and caring for antique glass. So it can be more durable and not easily damaged. Not easy to rust, still maintains its appearance. That way, […]

Tips for Choosing Suppliers of Venetian mirrors

MG 006335 Venetian Mirror GoldUk 130 x 77 cm Gold Table Mirror Uk 100 cm x 50 cm x 80 cm (12)

Venetian mirror is one of the objects that is likely to always be in every person’s home. This one object is generally used by someone to reflect the Venetian. However, Venetian mirrors can also be a part of home décor which has many benefits. The presence of a Venetian mirror will make the house look […]

The Benefits of Using a Venetian Mirror in the Room

Venetian Style Mirror is an object that almost every occupant of the house has. Apart from being used to look in the mirror or preen, Venetian mirrors are also useful for decorating rooms. In the bedroom, Venetian mirrors are usually used to help us dress up and tidy ourselves up. Currently, there are various forms […]

Various Shapes of Venetian Mirrors to Beautify Bathrooms

Nowadays, along with the development of the property world, of course there are more and more choices of types of furniture including venetian mirrors with various shapes and models to choose from to help beautify various rooms including bathrooms. It is mandatory for the homeowner to design with additional furniture and accessories in every room […]

The Reason Behind The Popularity Of Wholesale Venetian Mirrors

MG 080100 Venetian Mirror overall 121 cm x 80 cm

At this time the existence of mirrors is being enjoyed by the general public, especially mirror collectors or lovers. The increasing interest in this element, makes the many types on offer. Starting from the modern, simple, to the classic. Basically this type is in a hurry or in search of complementing an interior. One type […]

Advantages of Decorating Your Home With Large Venetian Mirrors

Mirrors are very useful for human life. Mirrors can be used in many ways, such as a tool for dressing up, a tool for seeing intersections in narrow alleys, a tool for looking back at motorized vehicles or often called mirrors, and many others. One of the decorative elements that are often used to beautify […]

The function of the exclusive Venetian Wall Mirror

MG 080104 Venetian Mirror Door Uk 93,9 cm x 61 cm (14)

Mirror is an object that we often encounter in everyday life. Generally used as a means of decorating or rather fixing oneself. In general, the function of the mirror, not only around it. This material can be used as a complement in a residential decoration. One type of mirror that is often used is the […]

Octagonal Venetian Mirror To Decorate Your Home

Octagonal Venetian mirror They are classic pieces that can be used to bring luxury and sophistication to any room. Pieces with a great history that today various companies based on the island of Murano, in northeastern Italy, continue to produce by hand. It is this glass mold that makes Octagonal Venetian crystal a luxury item. […]

Correct Position of Round Venetian Mirror at Home

Incorporating round Venetian mirror in home decor seems to have become commonplace. Try to pay attention when you visit a relative or neighbor’s house, is there a round Venetian mirror in the house? According to feng shui, a round venetian mirror is known as an antidote to negative energy. Placing a round venetian mirror in […]

Superiority of Rectangle Venetian Mirror Style

Venetian Mirror Bathroom Rectangular

Rectangular Venetian mirrors are believed to be very beautiful due to the complex manufacturing procedures that involve cutting and forming the mirrors. One of the reasons for the superiority of the palace mirror style, especially the solo palace, is the carved mirror known among European collectors as the Rectangular Venetian Mirror. Rectangular Keraton or Venetian […]