Unik!!!! Toko Cermin dan Kaca di SOLO.

Venetian Mirror

Setalah anda mengunjungi berbagai tempat tampat wisata di solo, sempatkan sejenak untuk berkunjung ke salah satu centra kerajinan toko kaca ukir sebagai hasil karya khas dari kabutan sukoharjo, sebelah selatan kota solo. Di kota ini ada toko yang unik yang saya pastikan hanya di kota ini anda akan menjumpainya. SUKOHARJO adalah kota yang terletak di […]

What is Convex Mirror or Concave Mirror?

  Convex mirrors when hanging on the main wall of the house play a role as security in running the household. The room is often placed at the front of each house or one level of the main entrance in the layout and next to the dining room, a convex mirror is allowed to oversee […]

Decorative Wall by Convex Mirrors

  Mirror a Mirror has not become a rare item for us because we have found it everywhere. When in the living room there are mirrors as decorative mirror walls, in the bathroom there are mirrors as bathroom mirrors, bedrooms have mirrors as decorative mirrors, or the walls of the house are as wall mirrors […]

Antique Mirror Glass Table Ideas

venetian mirror wholesale

Antique mirror glass table can add class and elegance in any room. Black is a color that is never outdated and fits with anything. Glass is a material that is easy to clean and attractive to the top of the table. The objects placed on the glass table stood out clearly. You can use a black […]

Antique Smoked Glass Mirror

Antique Smoked Glass Mirror is the type of glass mirror which is different from the standard silver mirror. This is because it provides a quiet reflection, while making a stylish statement. This color reflection is ideal in many design environments, creating a smooth and smooth atmosphere, unlike the sometimes subtle and bright nuances of traditional […]

Reproduction Antique Mirror Glass

In the past 15 years, it becomes much cheaper to add decorative mirror to your home. This is because of cheap labor and mass Reproduction Antique Mirror Glass in China where many cheap decorative mirrors come today. You have to choose a decorative mirror for your home depends on several factors. The size of your […]

Antique Mirror Glass Replacement

Before you start installing antique mirrors or thinking about Antique Mirror Glass Replacement, you should first get an idea of ​​what needs to be repaired. You need to take an assessment of damage caused by excessive use and time. Look for scratches and deep jokes on the mirror or glass. If you are working with […]

Antique Mirror Glass Phoenix

Apart from the original thought itself, the fine details and hand carvings of the Antique Mirror Glass Phoenix are also interesting. This antique mirror offers elegance in your home decoration. This type of mirror has been used at home for practical reasons and for decoration over the centuries. In the early days of its existence, […]

The Types of Antique Mirror Glass to Find

Types Of Antique Mirror Glass – Mirrors are everywhere around us and used for a variety of purposes. If you walk in the city, you can only see your reflection on the mirror on the building. We have a mirror in our house, some for decoration and others for verification purposes if we wear elegant […]

New Antique Mirror Glass for Sale

New Antique Mirror Glass – The mirrors are part of every home. You can rarely face home without a single mirror in sight. Of course, people can wear their clothes properly and see how they look or they are considering using a mirror. In addition to this goal, it is also known that the mirror […]

Make Antique Mirror Out Glass to Lower Your Cost

Make Antique Mirror Out Glass – An antique mirror that incorporates new mirror glass with original antique frame or high quality wooden frame is becoming increasingly popular in home decor. Because the mirror effectively mimics the light and effects of its surroundings, it is simply the perfect way to make the room at home bigger […]

Antique Mirror Glass Mirror for Your Home

Antique Mirror Glass Mirror – Every home should have some mirrors as part of the furniture, here is how to look for some antique mirrors for sale. Always take note of the range available from your local antique stores. Usually you see a wide range, showing all or some of the different mirror forms available. […]