Contemporary Glass Mirror Design Variations as a New Breakthrough in Furniture Art, Realizing a Luxurious and Artistic Home Decor!

Contemporary Glass Mirror is a formidable new breakthrough in the world of furniture art. Because, making creative and contemporary modifications according to the contemporary era on glass shapes and motifs. So, glass is not only used as a mirror but can be used as a home decoration decoration. Give an aesthetic and artistic touch to […]

Types of Antiqued Glass Mirror Designs You Can Choose, Make Your Home Interior Unique and Luxurious!

Antiqued Glass Mirror can make your home interior more eccentric. So, the quirky style will give a dramatic and aesthetic touch. Make your home decoration more attractive and charming to look at. Because, you can choose a variety of unique and beautiful designs according to your taste. In order to complement the home decor to […]

Use Rugs Mirror Glass for the Interior of Your Home, Create a Dazzling Design and Cultivate Comfort!

Complete the beauty of the interior of your home by using Rugs Mirror Glass. Because, being one of the decorative glass that has artistic details on the edges. A circular glass frame design with a variety of fashion forms, you can choose according to your preferences. Made with high artistic value and full of creativity. […]

Know the Usefulness of a Concave Mirror, This Optical Device is a Solution for Clarifying Objects and Helping Sight!

Concave Wall Mirror is a concave glass which is usually used for optical devices. In other words, this mirror is useful for eyeglass lenses. Has a curved, convex, or concave surface. Has a shape like a ball or round which is adjusted to the frame. Using curved reflective surfaces. So, this does not include decorative […]

The Variety of Round Convex Mirror Styles You Can Choose, Complete the Luxury of Your Home!

Antique Convex Mirror

Round Convex Mirror has various functions, depending on the type. You can use it for rearview mirrors, dress up mirrors, wall hangings, and even windows. Because, there are indeed many styles of concave glass. In addition to its various uses, you can also choose various design models according to your preferences. Starting from plain, contemporary, […]

Interior More Aesthetic by Distressed Industrial Mirror!

Distressed Industrial Mirror is a new breakthrough to complement the increasingly contemporary interior of your home. The reason is, this is a glass design that is inspired by modern industrial designs in urban style. So, give it a contemporary office-style touch that makes your home even more charming. Featuring great visuals, in every room you […]

1950’s Wall Mirror Complete Your Classic Home Design, Antique and More Dramatic!

owen rectangle Mirror

1950’s Wall Mirror, perfect for those of you who like antiques. Namely, classic glass with ancient design models. As a wall mirror that applies the art of design in the 1950’s. Suitable to be installed in interiors that perpetuate historic home designs. So, it will look more dramatic with a traditional touch making people who […]

Antique Mirror Glass To Complete Your Home Interior Design, Looks More Aesthetic and Makes It Comfortable!

antique mirror square

Antique Mirror Glass will make your home look attractive and different from the others. Because, the uniqueness resulting from this mirror design makes its own allure for those who see it. So, it is very suitable to complement the beauty of the interior of your home to make it more artistic. Make the residents feel […]

Use Crosby Mirror To Complete The Beauty, Reflecting The Luxury Of Your Home!

Crosby Mirror

Crosby Mirror, in terms referred to as a cross or crossing mirror. That is, it can be defined as glass that is placed in the first street space of the house to the living room. The goal, only as decorative glass that adds to the impression of elegance and luxury when heading into the house. […]

Use Distressed Mirror Tiles For The Interior Of Your Home, A Comfort Solution For Its Residents!

Antique Mirror Panel

Distressed Mirror Tiles is a category of glass made from mercury. This distressed mirror has become a manufacturing technique used by Like Mirror. A large, old mirror, using a classic and elegant design. Can be installed for a more artistic home interior. Consists of a glass plate, metal sprinkles on the back, mercury produced from […]

Buy Mercury Glass Mirror at Margovenetianmirror, The Right Solution to Make Your Design Fit to Your Expectations!

Antique Mirror

Did you know about the Mercury Glass Mirror? A mirror that is manufactured from mercury and produces beautiful creative designs. Of course, still prioritizing its functionality as a mirror used for mirroring. So, it is very suitable to be installed in the interior of your home. Or, you can also use the mirror in the […]

6 Useful Multi-Functional Concave Glass Mirrors, The Right Solution For Your Various Needs!

Concave Green No Antique list black

Do you know what is meant by Concave Glass Mirror? Is, a glass or mirror that is concave. This glass has a surface that can reflect incoming light even though it is hidden. In other words, it is useful for reflecting light at the focal point. So, it can focus light and look clearer. So […]