Today’s Popular Antique Mirror

In the past, mirrors were objects that were only owned by people who had wealth because in the past mirrors were expensive and very rare. In the past, mirrors were very valuable objects because they used to be a little difficult to manufacture, but after the development, many mirrors are now being produced in the […]

Antique Mirror Becomes the Target of Art Connoisseurs

Mirrors are indeed one of the things that we all definitely have, mirrors are one of the objects that are inherent in our daily lives. So it’s no wonder that mirrors have spread throughout the world. One of the masterpieces that you may have heard of is the Antique Mirror. a work of art, so […]

Reasons Why Antique Mirrors Are Perfect For A Room

Antique Wall Mirror

Surely you want a room that has an elegant and simple design, but what interior is suitable? We will help you find an interior that suits you. Of course we will answer Mirror, Why should you use a mirror, a mirror is one of the interiors that is often used to decorate homes. But not […]

Steps to Decorate a Room with Antique Mirrors

Beveled Panel Leaner

Everyone definitely wants a beautiful house but many people don’t know how to decorate a house. this time we talk about home decoration, for home decoration usually home owners will choose a simple and elegant house but how? First we have to determine the concept first because this concept is an important part of decorating […]

What is Antique Mirror ?

Antique Mirror Or better known as antique mirror is Rust that does not spread over the mirror reflection surface and produces a permanent irregular graphic. Antique Mirror is often a target among architect and interior designers who have the impression of living in the past, Antique mirror manufacture is indeed rare. we meet, but on […]

Beautiful House With Concave Mirror

A concave mirror is a mirror that bends backwards and collects light. Initially, a concave mirror is a plain glass sheet that is processed by a hot mold and eventually a concave mirror is formed. Concave mirrors are now a subscription to luxurious wall decorations with simple designs. and the concave mirror itself was originally […]

 Lebih Dekat Dengan Cermin Cembung Dan Cermin Cekung

Concave Green No Antique list black

Siapa Sih yang belum tau tentang Cermin Pastinya Semua orang memilki Cermin.Cermin merupakan sebuah benda yang Dapat memantul cahaya atau barang yang ada di depannya.suatu benda dapat memantulkan cahaya jika kita dapat melihat bayangan kita atau benda lain pada permukaan benda tersebut.Cermin dibagi menjadi 3 jenis yaitu cermin datar,cermin cembung, dan cermin cekung pasti diantara […]

Cermin Cembung Incaran para Penikmat Seni

Pasti kalian heran emang iya cermin cembung bisa dipakai buat dekorasi ruangan? Kali ini Saya Jawab iya,Cermin cembung memang dapat dibuat sebagai dekorasi dinding tidak hanya sebagai barang dalam kehidupan sehari hari saja cermin cembung kali unik memang sengaja dibuat khusus untuk dekorasi, cermin cembung ini dibuat dengan proses yang lumayan rumit.Salah satu perusahaan di […]

Comfortable House With Convex Mirror

Convex Mirror Antique

Convex mirrors are familiar among the public and even almost everyone has a convex mirror. But convex mirrors are not for everyday use, convex mirrors are also used as home decorations, but not everyone can use Convec Mirror Manufacturing as decoration. because during oven the temperature must be right in order to get maximum results […]

What’s Up With Spherical Convex Mirrors?

A spherical convex mirror is a mirror that was originally an ordinary glass which is heated by several complicated processes and converted into a forward curved mirror that forms a semicircle. car lights, rear view mirrors, flashlights and even as glasses, but after the development, convex mirrors are now used to decorate a luxurious home […]

The Charm of Convex Glass in the Home Environment

Surely you already know about convex mirrors? Yes, a convex mirror is a mirror with a convex surface that diverges (spreads light). In a convex mirror, the face is semicircular but the face of the convex mirror is curved outward. A convex mirror can only form a virtual image of an object. But what if […]