Eglomise Wall Mirror Makes Dressing Room Look Expensive

Dressing rooms may be small in most homes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bigger impact on the design. The dressing room is the perfect place to stand out and be creative, one you might not be brave enough to try. That’s why we’re here to show you how to turn a simple […]

What Replaces Painting? Vintage Eglomise Mirror Is The Answer

Painting has long been the choice of wall decoration, besides giving beauty to this element it is also able to emphasize the room itself. And we understand that the use of painting does add comfort and pleasure to the residents themselves. But as time goes by, lovers of painting begin to decrease, this is due […]

5 recommendations for Scandinavian-style Verre Eglomise Mirrors.

One of the interior concepts that is currently trending is the Scandinavian concept, this concept is a design that applies simplicity and minimalism. This design itself is inspired by the nature and climate of northern Europe, or what is commonly called Nordic. This design originated from exhibitions in America and Canada in the 1950s. The […]

Here Are 3 Tips for Choosing Eglomise Mirror for Luxury Home Decorations, Kolongmerat Style!

Mirrors have always been one of the choices of decorations that can beautify walls, while at the same time making a room look wider than it actually is. Not only that, this element can make the room brighter because it can reflect the sunlight that enters through the window gap. However, not all types of […]

Verre Eglomise: Create Palace Style Interiors, And Peek at the Myriad Benefits for Residential!

Making a room design like a royal palace can of course be tricked in various ways. Like the use of mirrors, this element has many types and models that you can easily find on the market. There is one trick so you can display a palace-style interior style, you only need to use Eglomise Wall […]

Decorating With Vintage Eglomise – Ideas And Rules How To Use Mirrors At Home

Decorating your home with mirrors does more than make it easier for you to check your own appearance. This element is a super design feature that is very versatile, they are able to add instant charm and interest while increasing the natural light that enters your home. One of the easiest decorating ideas for your […]

This is the result if you don’t install Antique Mirror Glass at home

Distressed Wall Mirror Diagonal

The mirror is an object that has a function as a tool to see our own body. The mirror itself was invented in 1835 by a German chemist named Justus Von Liebig. It is able to create a very thin layer of silver on glass through the chemical reduction of silver nitrate. Since then mirrors […]

Popular And Newest! Here are the 4 Best Selling Types of Eglomise Glass at Margo Glass Gallery

Do you know? There is one type of mirror that is the most popular and newest today, even selling well in the market. What’s the type? And that type of mirror is Verre Eglomise Mirror, this mirror is very, very liked by many people. The reason is that it saves a million beauties, as well […]

3 Uniqueness of Eglomise Mirror Make Foreign Tourists Curious? Number 2 Must Take It Home!

The mirror is one of the objects whose existence is very mandatory in a dwelling. Its use is none other than used as a means to preen, and also to decorate the walls of homes. There are many types of mirrors that you can use and meet today, because many new types of mirrors have […]

Wow Unique! Here are 3 interesting facts about Verre Eglomise Mirror

The name of this type of mirror is indeed being hotly discussed among Indonesian people in particular. Its popularity is heard abroad, so tourists visiting Indonesia are only to see the details in person. In addition, foreign tourists also collect it, as a decoration on the walls of the house. This mirror is often called […]

Be careful!!!! This is the reason why not haphazardly place a Large Antique Mirror somewhere

Did you know? There is a mirror that some people believe can be used as a marketing tool. Really! There really is such a mirror. Yes! This mirror, commonly called the Antique Wall Mirror, is a mirror that is predicted to have magical powers that are used as a marketing tool. Mirrors that have a […]

Wow!!!!! Margo Glass Gallery Reveals Distressed Wall Mirrors As Home Decorations

When you are decorating your home, the thing to pay attention to is to define a concept, this concept defines the accents of your home and defines who you are. There are many home concepts that you can choose from, one example is the classic home concept that follows last year’s style. Antique Mirror can […]