Simple Ways to Decorate a Living Room with Antique Style Mirrors

Round Antique Wall Mirror

There are times when we feel bored with life at home and are no longer satisfied with how we organize our home, whether it’s because of changing interior trends or a sense of style that changes with age. Finally, this makes some residents choose to redecorate their room. The living room is one of the […]

Unique decorating ideas with Antique Mirrors for a Married Couple’s Bedroom

With the limited area of the house, the bedroom is now commonplace. However, finding small bedroom decorating ideas for a married couple can be challenging. When sharing space with a partner, there is always room for compromise. Whatever color or design trend you decide on should be agreed upon by your husband or wife as […]

Looking for a Wedding Gift? Mirror Can Be A Unique Choice

Wedding gifts are usually a good choice to express happiness and congratulations to the newlyweds. There are many types of gifts that we can give as wedding gifts. However, it is still rare to give unique and anti-mainstream gifts to newlyweds. In order for our gifts to seem unique, useful, special and of course anti-mainstream, […]

3 Best Bathroom Venetian Mirror You Should Put in

Mostly of your bathroom has a mirror, doesn’t it? Or have you been designing and build your home, especially your bathroom? What design do you prefer? Nowadays, modern design becomes a trend. Do you know what Bathroom Venetian Mirror design is? Ok, let’s check this out! Venetian Wall Mirror designs today embrace minimalistic element highlighting […]

Elegant Modern Mirror Design for Your Minimalist Room

Are you looking for inspiration for a minimalist room décor with a mirror inside? If you do so, you are in the right place. Adding some decorative mirrors in a room makes the room more lively and interesting. Especially with Modern Wall Mirror that have unusual designs. However, do not worry for those who do […]

Charming Antique Mirror to the Focal Point of your Living Room

Industrial Antique Mirror

The living room is the first room that guests visit. In this room also that will give the impression of comfortable and beautiful whether or not a house. If the living room looks neat and beautiful, it must be the same with other rooms in the house. One of the aspects that will make your […]

Tips for Choosing a Venetian Wall Mirror for Home Decoration  

Gold Venetian Mirror

Do you want to buy a Venetian Wall Mirror to decorate your home interior?. So, get things that meet your expectations. What’s more, it can be in harmony with your home décor. So, the results are more optimal with high aesthetic value. In fact, it provides comfort for its residents. Of course, pleasing to the […]

Tips for Installing the Right Oval Venetian Mirror

Venetian Wall Mirror

How to install the Oval Venetian Mirror for home decoration? Maybe, it is a question for you now. Of course, you have to have smart tips. So, installing antique glass can beautify the room. Producing aesthetic and artistic interior designs. Looks elegant and attractive to look at. Gives a charming charm. Cools the looking eye. […]

Get to know more about the Venetian Mirror Style

Venetian Mirror Style

Venetian Mirrors have a long history dating back to the 15th century in Venice, Italy. It is a complete work of art that everyone deserves to see with their own eyes at least once in their lifetime. The Venetian Mirror Style has its own charm only when it is made in the traditional way. The […]

How to Choose a Quality Black Venetian Mirror

Venetian Round Black Mirror

Today’s Venetian mirror is not just an ordinary mirror. One could even say that they could be one of the finest works of art. Even just a mirror in your bedroom can make a small difference to the overall look inside. And in fact, in the installation of this Black Venetian Mirror, the Eglomise gold […]

Luxury Venetian Mirror, Add Timeless Elegance to Your Home

Venetian Octagonal Mirror

Venice in general is famous for its time-honored glass-making traditions. And, Luxury Venetian Mirror perfectly symbolize this rich tradition. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, all these mirrors are able to maintain their ‘exclusive’ label for a long period of time. Mirrors are an integral part of any home and if they are Venetian Mirror Style, your […]