Menghindari mirror dari gores dan jamur. Mempunyai vintage dari venetian mirror menggantung indah di kamar tidur tentunya sudah menjadi idaman para kaum hawa. Khususnya untuk dijadikan dress mirror. Karena di depan mirror itu mereka dapat menghabiska banyak waktu untuk memanjakan diri sebelum melakukan rutinitas mereka. Baik sebelum ke acara pesta atau arisan. Tapi jika mirror […]

Generally, Wall Mirror Decor is used to makeup or appearance. In the interior, the mirror has a wider function. Glass that can reflect the shadow can manipulate even provide energy in a space. The mirror helps a tiny room look more spacious. How is exactly what always used to make the room look spacious without […]

When styling accented bathroom mirror, we often forget about the placement and the right position. Whether in the sink area, or just dealing with a window. Actually, put the right glass and Vanity Mirror can change the atmosphere of a dark bathroom to be more airy. The bathrooms are monotonous so much fun. Placing a […]

Initially, the mirror is only used as a complement to makeup. Can be hung on a wall, or placed on a dressing table. Now, it’s widely used Large Decorative Mirror to create the illusion of space. As a result, a small space looks more spacious. Perform initial design planning. It is very influential on the […]

Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom apartment or simply updating the look of the room, the bathroom mirror can have a dramatic impact on the overall space. Small Venetian Mirror used to reflect natural and artificial light, and often sat on the dressing table. Bathroom mirror can be decorative or simple, depending on the style of […]

The mirror has a weight that is not light, so when installed using nails adequate size, if necessary, use screws that binds more strongly. Place a mirror at eye level. For a long mirror for the entire body, do a test to measure the height from the floor to the part to be installed nail, […]

No matter where you intend to install it, make sure the scene reflected in the mirror is really worth. A mirror in front of the window will reflect the beautiful scenery outside. Not only that, it gives the illusion of a second window. Interesting architectural features when faced with a mirror will be reflected in […]

The mirror has a function to reflect an object. But with a growing technology especially in the field of architecture, the role of Decorative Wall Mirrors become more widespread, especially applied to the interior design. Not infrequently, the mirror also gives the impression of vast, elegant, graceful and luxurious. Therefore, do not be surprised if […]