Decoration Ideas with 1950’s Wall Mirrors

Antique Venetian Mirror 140x70cm (7)

Placing a mirror can be an instant, smart idea to quickly make a room at your house look more aesthetic. Not only in a bedroom or bathroom, but you can also place this piece of furniture in other rooms. Do not doubt to place a mirror in your family room or even living room. If […]

5 Tips on How to Decorate with Mirrors

Beveled Wall Mirror

Other than reflecting light, a Venetian etched mirror can bring a new atmosphere to the room. It is easy to say that mirrors make a room much better. However, there are things you should take into consideration when it comes to decorating your home with mirrors. Choosing the perfect mirror is essential, and you have to figure […]

A Guide to Choose a Perfect Mirror for Your Wall

The Venetian beaded mirror has stolen the heard of its enthusiasts. Venetian style is undeniably stunning in its way, but without proper consideration, this can add an overwhelming vibe to a room. Mirrors can make or break the atmosphere in a room. Since the mirror reflects things in front of it, you should choose the wall side […]

The Reason to Use Crosby Glass Mirror for Improving an Office or Store

Antique Mirror Style

Having a comfortable and attractive business area will make your customers comfortable. They will enjoy the time they spend in your office or store. Redecorating your office or store with Crosby mirrors is a good idea. Check the reason why a Crosby Wall Mirror is recommended to use. Unique Pattern  Unlike ordinary mirrors, a Crosby […]

Types of Venetian French Mirror for the wall cluster

Venetian Mirror

A mirror is not only a tool that you can use to help you put your makeup on, check how your outfit looks, or check your reflection. But it can also be a decorative element that can boost the aesthetic value of your house interior design. It is also a useful decoration for making a […]

Attractive Distressed Mirror Tiles by Margo Venetian Mirror

Imagine that you can make your house look more luxurious by only adding a mirror. Indeed, you need to know the best mirror to use to strengthen the luxury effect. Distressed mirror tiles are good enough for creating a luxurious and elegant house. Margo Venetian Mirror offers a variety of mirrors, including a distressed Venetian […]

Tricks to Make a Dark Bathroom Brighter with An Antiqued Mirror Glass

Having a dark bathroom seems uncomfortable. You have to find an idea to make this area brighter without changing it a lot. The simplest idea to make a bathroom brighter is by adding glass mirror tiles. Learn the way this idea works well for your bathroom. Applying A Big Size Mirror  So, how can a […]

Types of Antique Glass Mirrors You Can Use to Create Classic Home Interior Style

Antique Mirror Style

The reason why some homeowners love to apply antique mirror style at home is because of its elegant and luxury sensation. You can add multifunction accessories, such as antique mirror tiles to strengthen the atmosphere. Look at the types of antique mirrors you can use for your home decoration project below. Antique Mirror Black Sofa  […]

The Use of Mercury Glass Mirror in A Room

Antique Venetian Mirror 140x70cm (7)

You may have a plan to redecorate your house on a budget. Redecorating a house doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of the old items or build a new room. Adding a new item, such as a Mercury glass mirror can also affect the room significantly. This improvement is simple and affordable, along […]

Pengaruh Cermin Dinding Dalam Desain Ruang

cermin dinding gold

Menaruh cermin dinding dalam ruang  pasti akan memberi pengaruh pengaruh besar terhadap ruang itu secara keseluruhan. Refleksi cermin yang disebarkan ke seluruh sudut akan membuat ruangan jadi lebih cerah. Menurut ilmu interior, ada beberapa pengaruh keberadaan cermin di dalam ruang. Berikut ulasan sikatnya! Melipat Gandakan Rasa Ruang: Jika luas rumah anda terbatas, tak perlu berkecil […]

Inilah Ternyata Gaya Bingkai Cermin Dinding by MGG

Gaya Bingkai by MGG ( Margo Glass Gallery ) Memilih cermin dinding juga perlu memperhatikan gaya interiornya. Karena ini penting untuk menentukan gaya binkai yang akan di pakai. Bingkai cermin hias yang mengikuti gaya ruang akan tampil harmonis dan memiliki kesan kesatuan gaya ruang. Beberapa gaya bingkai yang dpat dipilih yaitu cermin klasik, cermin tradisional, […]

Gaya Cermin VENETIAN MIRROR, Kamar Mandi Berkesan Terang.

cermin dinding venetian mirror

Cermin VENETIAN MIRROR dan Cermin kamar mandi adalah kombinasi yang sangat sulit dipisaahkan. Kita tahu kini kamar mandi juga berperan sebagai area bersolek dan relaksasi. Dengan cerminlah dua kebutuha dapat terakomodasi. Ukuran cermin besar yang dipakai bisa seragam, mulai dari yang mungil hingga ukurannya mendominasi sudut ruangan kamar mandi. Kamar mandi di rumah Surabaya ini […]