You like to make a mirror as a garnish, or home decoration? This is one practical way to make more playful housing to be impressed, but still classy. The mirror is not always beneficial as a tool, or a random part of the decor which just fitted in wardrobe or dressing table. The mirror can […]

Mirror as decor can be found in modern interior and eclectic. The mirror can be a small part of the Mirrored furniture and functionally able to make the room look glamorous and visualization which saves space. This makes the reflective properties of the mirror is perfect for small homes where a lot of places can […]

Wall mirror is one of the important items at the same accessories to complement your dwelling. Not only used as a facility to conduct myself, but mirrored wall also has various other benefits. You can use a Venetian wall mirror as home decoration to beautify your home, and not just limited to it, you can […]

The mirror has become a multi functional tool. In addition the sentences into intelligent, real mirror useful to conduct myself. In fact, the more the mirror treated as a separate component decoration. As a function of the interior, the mirror can be used to provide decorative and psychological benefits in a room. The first benefit […]

Having a blank wall and it makes us awry sometimes, but that many people outsmart empty walls by placing various walls as the mainstream media so that the room look more fresh and lively. But for some people it can only make the room cramped and claustrophobic. Do not worry, there is a simple way […]

Formerly, decorative mirror is used only to see the face and make up, but now the mirror function is to complement the uniqueness of space or residential corner. Many see the unique decorative French Venetian Mirror as the most important element in interior decoration inspired multi-dimensional space or angle. Spatial or angular if more comprehensive […]

A house is indeed in dire need of some extra furniture to increasingly make the view outside and inside the home increasingly becomes more beautiful and very nice. but basically if we are active little creative at least we will get something good and useful, as well a magic mirror that we will become a […]