Use Distressed Mirror Tiles For The Interior Of Your Home, A Comfort Solution For Its Residents!

Antique Mirror Panel

Distressed Mirror Tiles is a category of glass made from mercury. This distressed mirror has become a manufacturing technique used by Like Mirror. A large, old mirror, using a classic and elegant design. Can be installed for a more artistic home interior. Consists of a glass plate, metal sprinkles on the back, mercury produced from […]

Buy Mercury Glass Mirror at Margovenetianmirror, The Right Solution to Make Your Design Fit to Your Expectations!

Antique Mirror

Did you know about the Mercury Glass Mirror? A mirror that is manufactured from mercury and produces beautiful creative designs. Of course, still prioritizing its functionality as a mirror used for mirroring. So, it is very suitable to be installed in the interior of your home. Or, you can also use the mirror in the […]

6 Useful Multi-Functional Concave Glass Mirrors, The Right Solution For Your Various Needs!

Concave Green No Antique list black

Do you know what is meant by Concave Glass Mirror? Is, a glass or mirror that is concave. This glass has a surface that can reflect incoming light even though it is hidden. In other words, it is useful for reflecting light at the focal point. So, it can focus light and look clearer. So […]

Types of Antique Mirror Tiles Designs in the Margovenetianmirror Product Category, Looks Creative and Up-to-date!

Antique Mirror

  Are you looking for Antique Mirror Tiles products? Exactly, Margovenetianmirror is the best choice for you! Because, we provide a unique and creative mirror glass production. With a variety of designs, of course, it can adjust to your needs. Various unique and artistic fashions in designing a glass mirror will complement your home accessories […]

The Unique Appeal of a Tri-Fold Stand-Up Mirror

Tri Fold Mirror

Making a space unique is easy by adding special items, such as a tri-fold stand-up mirror. The basic idea of a tri-fold mirror itself is unique already. It is a piece of mirror that comes with three parts. The left and right parts of it can fold so that it has the name of a […]

The Good Things of Having Contemporary Glass Mirror at Home

Modern Wall Mirror

Mirror in any form, such as a contemporary glass mirror, comes with many benefits for any space. More importantly, when it comes to this design or style, it gets better instantly. It is without a doubt that this particular decor style is well-known nowadays. It becomes famous because anyone can adopt it in any place. […]

What is different Types of Baroque Leaner Mirror?

Baroque Leaner Mirror

One of the things that you need to know about a Baroque mirror is the different types of Baroque leaner mirror that you will be able to find out there. A mirror is one of the best decorations that you can have in your home. This simple decoration can change the overall look of your room in […]

Here is Why You Need to Get a Convex Round Mirror for Your Home

Antique Convex Round Mirror

Are you wondering if you should get a convex round mirror for your home? Well, you do not have to wonder anymore. We are here to tell you that getting a convex mirror for your house is a great idea. And there are several reasons why you should do it. A mirror is one of the most […]

Top 3 Venetian Etched Leaner Mirror Decoration Ideas

Venetian Mirror

You need to know about the best Venetian etched leaner mirror decoration ideas if you want to be able to make your house look beautiful in an instant. A Venetian mirror is probably one of the best things that you can have in your home. This kind of mirror is going to make your room look like […]

How to Choose the Best Beveled Panel Leaner Mirror

Antique Mirror Leaner Gold

If you are trying to know how to choose the best beveled panel leaner mirror, then you have come to the right place. A leaner mirror is probably one of the best things that you can have in your home. It is one of the most gorgeous kinds of furniture that will help you beautify a […]

Things to Know about Decorating Your Home with Full Length Mirrors

Full Length Mirrors

Full length mirrors can be a wow factor to a room. You can always hang it on the wall or let it rest on the floor. However, some people find it hard to decorate their rooms with a floor mirror. So, where will you place your full length large mirror in the room? In this article, we have […]

Things to Consider about Antique Mirror into Your Décor

antique mirror

The presence of an antiqued glass mirror in a room can make or break the vibe in the entire scene. As long as you know how to do with what you have, it will turn out fine. Antique mirrors, on the other hand, give a luxurious impression while adding interest and depth to the room. If you […]