Pilihan Hiasan Rumah dari 13 Cermin Dinding Venetian Mirrors warga +62.

Venetian mirrors

Cermin dinding Selain dapat membantu untuk berhias diri khsusu para ibu-ibu, cermin kerap digunakan sebagai dekorasi rumah untuk memberi kesan luas, terang sekaligus estetika pada tatanan rumah. Dengan memberikan sedikit ukiran pada bingkai cermin dan sentuhan kearifan lokal SUKOHARJO cermin akan membuat sebuah ruangan jadi tampak lebih harmonis. Pada Umumnya, cermin kerap diletakkan di kamar […]

What You Need to Understand about Industrial Panel Mirror

industrial antique mirror

The industrial panel mirror is a kind of mirror that is usually chosen by most people to decorate their home. When you need to look for the best mirror for your home, this kind of mirror is the best solution you can choose. However, when you choose it, you will get several benefits and advantages. Thus, make […]

Best for Trying: Antiqued Glass Mirror

Antique Wall Mirror

 An antiqued glass mirror is a kind of mirror you can choose to get the best home decoration. This mirror will make your home look larger and spacious. If you are adding this mirror as your home interior design, you need to know the best ways to choose it. Thus, it will help you to get the […]

Rugs Mirror Glass for A Classy Dining Room

Rug Venetian Mirror

The dining room is one of the centers of the living area. The rug’s mirror glass will be a nice addition to make the dining room look classy and warm. As we know that warmth is important in the house, so you need to ensure the furniture you choose should add the warm nuance in […]

5 Reasons Why Choose Beveled Murano Mirror for Room Decoration in Your Home

Beveled Mirror

  You can count on the mirror as an accessory to decorate the room in your favorite home. One mirror that you can use is the beveled Murano mirror. Not without a reason why this mirror can be your mainstay. The reason, one of the elements that make it interesting is the shape of the […]

5 Tips for Placing a Round Convex Mirror in a House to Look Good

Convex Mirror

The art of making a room in a house look attractive and beautiful is how we place various interiors and various types of interiors that we use to decorate the room. It would be even better if the interior is not only a display to make it look attractive, but also has a functional value […]

Making a Distressed Industrial Mirror

Antique Mirror

A mirror is one of the most needed things that we should have in the house as soon as possible. Because a mirror can do a lot of things. They can make your home beautiful, you can use it to make sure your appearance is good before going outside, and many more you can do. […]

Identifying Antique 1950’s Wall Mirror

Antique Wall Mirror

A mirror is one of the most important things that should be in the house. They can give you some unique advantages. If your house is minimalist-theme style, then the mirror will make your house feel spacious than before. Also, don’t forget the common use of mirrors. It is to make sure that your appearance […]

Antique Mirror Glass for A Unique Taste

Antique Mirror

Finding the right home interior idea gets easier to do these days. However, if you have a unique taste, you need to work a bit harder for sure. If you are searching for something antique, mystique, and classic, do not forget to use antique mirror glass. This kind of mirror will give such a nice […]

Elegant Touch of Crosby Mirror 

Interior design is an essential part that we need to consider. Crosby Mirror can be a good choice to bring such elegant touch inside your house. This Crosby mirror is well-known for its artsy and beauty. This kind of wall mirror will not only make your home looks nice but it also can give the […]

The Idea of Distressed Mirror Tiles for a More Artistic Home Interior

Full Length Mirrors

Distressed mirror tiles are an idea of home decoration that is unique and artistic. Of course, it is unique and artistic as you basically only use mirrors there. But some effects are given to make it look old and dull. This is how the mirror looks more artistic and also antique. Indeed, in case you […]