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Bring Vintage Vibe to Modern Spaces with Antique Wall Mirrors

Mercury glass, first produced in the mid-19th century, is a very popular in trendy homes. Antique Mercury Glass were originally made by blowing a double-walled object by hand. A solution of silver (not mercury) is injected between the cut walls, creating a mirror effect on the item.

Antique Venetian Mirror usually have a worn and aged appearance. It is used as an alternative to silver plated objects in table service and home décor. While current versions of Vintage Glass Mirror often don’t have double walls, they look just as beautiful.

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Venetian Glass Mirror
Venetian Glass Mirror

Antique Wall Mirror embody the “rustic luxury” trend we’ve enjoyed over the past few years blending glossy and shimmering with rustic and rustic. The vintage wall mirror décor is both shiny and rustic. If you want to bring vintage mirror frames into your home, you don’t have to go far to find items you like. Take a peek at some of the Antique Mirror Supplier I found.

Now, many Antique Mirror Manufacture have started to switch to using vintage style wall mirrors as decoration elements in their home interiors. Aside from being a wall protector, vintage style wall mirrors can add to the aesthetic value of the room. Its function is also closely related to the panel materials to be chosen, especially the Large Vintage Wall Mirror.

Generally the use of wall panels that are often used for interior applications are wall panels of natural stone and wall panels of wood. Along with the development of the era, glass became one of the materials considered as an Rectangle Wall Mirror.

Glass itself is a popular building material, because there are many variants of glass that have good aesthetic value and create an elegant impression when installed on residential walls. In addition, the glass is easy to maintain so it is easy to keep it looking clean.

Antique Mirror Tiara
Antique Mirror Tiara

If you want to create a vintage atmosphere in your modern space, buy vintage mirror is a great choice to make an impact. Whether you are a designer or an architect, a distressed or vintage look may just be the missing element of your space to give it a timeless look and unify the design.

The elegant elements of this classic evoke interest and add style to the interior by bringing a vintage vibe to modern spaces. Bathroom Wall Mirrors give you the same benefits of regular mirrors as reflection and light but with an added touch of sophistication and character.

Antique Mirror Wall panels

Another added benefit is that antique mirrored glass can create the illusion of more space and be used to highlight and highlight other features in your space. The specifications of the large vintage mirror for sale are as follows:

  • Thickness: 5mm (3/16″) monolithically
  • Maximum Size: 84” x 130”
  • It can also be laminated for safety and to meet code requirements for elevator interiors
  • Several different standard options for Antique Mirror Glass


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