The Secret of vanity mirror as a decorative interior.

Histoty of Supplier Venetian Mirror in Indonesia.

Mirror already exist between our lives since hundreds of years ago and you must have often met him, you might say that the mirror is an object that has a surface reflective, an object that can provide the same look on every object in front of him. Mirrors are commonly used for personal, architectural treatment, salon, and interior decorations. The concepts of a mirror at first are the ones seeing the reflection in the pond water. Then, come the Venetian mirror, but the history of Venetian mirrors to be in Indonesia is very impressive and interesting as well.

In Antiquity around the year 1700 the Dutch people came to seek spices in Indonesia with the aim to control agricultural output here, after a long stay here, then they build a house and wife and their children settled here, many of them carrying valuables and furniture, until the interior decoration such as furniture or accessories from their country, not forgetting venetian mirrors.

At that time Venetian mirrors only souvenirs that are given by strangers to the empress, or a royal princess. Incidentally at that time in the Solo there is a large palace at that time. Since the age of that was a long mirror, so the mirror is much damaged and broken, because the mirror is picking palace then everyone tried to fix it. One person who can fix Venetian mirrors is Mr. Rekan. He was the first person who can make Venetian mirrors in Indonesia, Especially in solo, central java.

And for the time being Venetian mirrors was developed by several suppliers in the solo, Uniquely, you can find suppliers of Venetian mirrors only in solo. If the solo, Venetian mirrors known by glass carving name, as in every part of the glass in the carving. No wonder the Venetian mirrors now become one of the flagship products in Solo, Central Java.