How To Choose The Right Vanity Mirror

When styling accented bathroom mirror, we often forget about the placement and the right position. Whether in the sink area, or just dealing with a window. Actually, put the right glass and Vanity Mirror can change the atmosphere of a dark bathroom to be more airy. The bathrooms are monotonous so much fun. Placing a mirror on the sink wall. The mirror was installed one at a time normally you put plain brick walls. Each piece 20cmx40cm sized mirror, with a thickness of 5mm. it’s fitted with glue and sealant given so not easily separated. On the other wall, near the sink you can put a frame-shaped city matching the shape of the piece Venetian Mirror. This way, you will strengthen the image of the shape of the mirror on the sink wall. As a result accented bathroom mirror is cool and gives new inspiration. Placement of the vanity and wall lamps cannot be arbitrary. For example, it’s on the wall lights affixed to the mirror. Before affixed, perforated mirror first. Then, lampshade frame screwed to the wall by using fisher, a sort of special screws.

It’s using a kind of mirror effect adjacent to the window. Mounted mirror is not faced with a window, but the opposite. Of course, this is not a mirror of the regular model, but its surface has a distinctive color effects. Like a canvas by giltter ink effect, the mirror will give the impression of more dramatic. That is a consideration when arranging your bathroom mirror accents. Placement of this mirror, actually also to dampen the effects of the direct reflected light from the large window in the bathroom. If the sun shines directly mirror, the mirror will reflect dazzling light and make eyes feel uncomfortable. To be more tidy, preferably a mirror framed of wood. By doing so, a mirror not only give the impression of more space, but is also useful as an artistic element in the bathroom. Mirror size about 120cmx210cm, with a thickness of 5mm.

Install Vanity Mirror at the top of the continuous half-wall to ceiling. This method is suitable if you put a mirror rather than on a wet area; shower area. Mirror exposed to direct water zoom easily leave spots and moldy. The position of the mirror with a lot of advantages. Besides being able to reflect the light rays from the light to the whole room. Another advantage to build a mirror image so crowded room as more spacious. With another glass, arranging a Venetian mirror bathroom accent is needed in the area of the room is minimal. For installation of the mirror requires precision. Moreover, the size of the mirror is large and wide, it cannot be installed arbitrarily. If wrong, the mirror can be cracked, even broken. The safe way, you can install the base, a kind of board of plywood in the size of the mirror. Plywood screwed to the wall. Meanwhile, the Vanity Mirror affixed to plywood with double tape. At the edge, given the sealant that helps the mirror to remain stable and not easily separated if there is vibration.