Antique Venetian Wall Mirror

Margo Glass Gallery: Antique Venetian Mirrors

The Antique Venetian Mirrors is reflective. No wonder if the mirror is one of the elements of decoration that is recommended in every home interior decoration tips of small size. The reason, the reflection of light will make the atmosphere of the room brighter and more spacious. Mirrors can be placed in almost all rooms, from the family room to the bathroom. Mirrors also present warmth and add to the attractiveness of a room. Although the mirror is a versatile solution for various problems in the interior design of the room, does not mean you can carelessly choose the model and the size of the mirror. One of home interior decorating tips that can not be ignored is to choose a mirror with the appropriate size, shape, and style. Sometimes, the selection process is not as easy as imagined.

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  • Select Mirror with Match Size

When you choose decorating elements for walls, size is one of the most important things. If you hang a mirror on the sofa, then the maximum size of the mirror you can hang is along the sofa. If the length is the same, then the mirror will be the focal point or fulcrum in the room. however, if you just want to bring a light shade without making it the center of attention, then choose a mirror with a smaller size, such as three quarters of the length of the sofa.

  • Play with Shapes

With so many choices of Antique Venetian Mirrors models available, it is not easy to look for one really perfect mirror. If you want to bring fresh nuance in the room, then look for a mirror that is not traditional model. If you want to change the feel of the room in total, do not choose a small mirror. Instead, choose a large mirror with the dominant shape.

The walls that do not select architectural details are the perfect choice to hang a mirror. However, to add to its appeal, choose a classic and rectangular mirror. Again, choose a mirror with a size that does not exceed the object underneath. If the furniture in the room is dominated by a straight line, square, and minimalist shape, you can ‘break’ the stiffness by choosing a round or oval mirror.

  • Do not Overlook Your Style

The next home interior decoration tips is to choose a Antique Venetian Mirrors Styles that suits your style. Wall decorations in the form of a mirror must be able to blend with the surrounding environment, so its value becomes more. For example, for a modern or minimalist room, choose a rectangular-shaped mirror with a small frame, to present the feel of a wider room. Glass with minimal accents will more easily blend with the surrounding environment.

Conversely, a Antique Venetian Mirror Restoration with a black frame will be able to change the feel of an electric room. Or, if you want to apply contemporary interior design, then choose a three-dimensional mirror. Whatever the shape, this decorative mirror will complement the contemporary feel you create in the room.