Venetian Mirror

Types of Venetian French Mirror

A mirror is not only a tool that you can use to help you put your makeup on, check how your outfit looks, or check your reflection. But it can also be a decorative element that can boost the aesthetic value of your house interior design. It is also a useful decoration for making a small room look more spacious. If you love something antique, classy, and vintage, you should check out a Venetian mirror French. This antique French mirror is extremely beautiful and classy. It will bring a touch of the Renaissance, vintage style to your house.

A French style mirror comes in some various decorations, shapes, and types. Below are the types of an antique French wall mirror that can beautify the interior design of your house.

Iustitia Venetian Style Mirrors

The Lustitia is a French mirror rectangle that becomes one of the symbols of Arte Veneziana. This mirror was created for the first time in Murano. It uses an engraving technique. The Iustitia Venetian mirrors have a lightweight crystal rose decoration, making them look gorgeous. In the beginning, the nobles preferred to feature the coat of arms in order to show their family power. But along with the time, designers feature many other decorations to make this vintage mirror.Venetian mirror bathroom

The name Lustitia comes from the incision on top of the mirror. It is a symbol that pictures a mythological creature of Lustitia holding a sword in one hand and a scale in another hand. This Lustitia Venetian mirror is an entirely Venetian style mirror. Though it looks luxurious and classy, this mirror is suitable for any house designs. The decorations include floral decorations, crystal curls, Rosettes details, and glass-twisted ropes.

Jeanne Venetian Style Mirrors

The next type is Jeanne Venetian Style Mirrors. It is a French mirror oval. The fretwork structure of this classy mirror is made from fir woods with antique finish. The oval shape is the central part. While the frame is thumbnail-shaped carvings. The center part of this mirror is made from bevelled glass with medium antique mirrored finish. This Jeanne Venetian Style mirror has a crest made from engraved glass and bevelled glass materials with the same finish as the center part.

Venetian mirror rectangular

The decorations of this French mirror are shiny oval spheres and engravings of floral motifs. Jeanne Venetian Style Mirrors are ideal to be placed in a bedroom, making the room look like a part of a castle.

Tardieu Deco Style Mirrors

Do you want to have a luxury piece of furniture that can fit in your modern minimalist interior design? Then, you should have Tardieu Deco Style Mirrors. This mirror is a French mirror round that will not ruin your dearest minimalist design. Because the shape, style, and decorations are simple. The decoration feature is only engravings of shiny spheres, making it look perfectly stunning, without looking too much. It has a clear mirror finish that will accentuate the minimalist style at your house.

Venetian mirror round

So, which French mirror are you interested in?