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How to Make Antique Mirrors and Their Benefits for Home Interiors

Mirror should not only be decoration and useful for your room but you can place it in your living room if it has vintage style because it will bring a lot of style to your home, today we will show you how to Antique Mirror Manufacture for your living room.

How to Make an Antique Mirror?


  • Old photo frames that you no longer use
  • Spray paint the color of your choice

Step 1: Clean the picture frame and place it on some newspapers to avoid staining the floor (it is recommended to perform these steps in a well-ventilated area due to the strong smell of cat spray)

Step 2: Spray paint the color of your choice on the frame, apply 2 coats of paint then let it dry for 4 hours in a ventilated area.

Step 3: Remove the Mercury Antique Mirror from the newspaper, now place it on the frame and place it in your living room.

.Painting this frame white, black, or silver is recommended because vintage style consists of taking old pieces and giving them a more contemporary style with modern colors and details.

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The Benefits of Antique Mirrors for Home Interiors

  • Makes the Atmosphere Feel Bigger

Mirrors can create a broad illusion in a room, where with this mirror it will be the right solution to make the room look nice, beautiful and not empty.

This Venetian Mirror Antique with gold color looks so luxurious and elegant, the mirror can be placed in any room, be it in the living room, hotel lobby, family room, bedroom, and so on.

Venetian Antique Mirror
Venetian Antique Mirror
  • Making Lighting Better

The function of the mirror is to beautify the appearance of the room and as the intensity of incoming light. The presence of Antique Mirror Beaded will arrange better lighting in every room where the Industrial Antique Mirror is installed.

You can place this mirror on the living room wall, family room wall, or at the entrance to the room, it will create better lighting when entering the room. that.

Antique Mirror Family Room
Antique Mirror Family Room
  • Making the Atmosphere More Pleasant to the Sight

The presence of an antique mirror in a room makes the room more pleasing to the eye, besides that the mirror is also able to provide comfort for the occupants of the house. Antique Wall Mirror Large in black and gold tones adds a beautiful touch and eye-catching effect. Antique style mirror can be displayed on living room walls, living room walls, hotel lobby walls, etc.

Antique Mirror Large
Antique Mirror Large
  • Added Elegant Touch Effects

Antique mirrors in shades of black and gold can add a touch of elegance to a room. Moreover, the pattern and shape of the Distressed Wall Mirror are adapted to the design concept of the house, of course, the character of the mirror will be emphasized more. In addition, this mirror is an alternative choice for minimalist room decoration.

Distressed Wall Mirror
Distressed Wall 

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Now that’s the various benefits of antique mirrors for the home, for those of you who are looking for this antique mirror. Because there provide a large selection of mirrors with various shapes and patterns that are so complete and of course quality at the right price.


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