How To Put Large Decorative Mirror in Your Home

Initially, the mirror is only used as a complement to makeup. Can be hung on a wall, or placed on a dressing table. Now, it’s widely used Large Decorative Mirror to create the illusion of space. As a result, a small space looks more spacious. Perform initial design planning. It is very influential on the type of Large Decorative Mirror and installation techniques. Determine the location of the mirror, can be on one area of the wall in full or partially. The Large Decorative Mirror are mounted in one corner of the room-an-sized doors can also give the illusion of space behind the wall. Wide field of Large Decorative Mirror can also be modified to make the pieces and arrange them like a puzzle to cover the entire wall. Can also be combined with other materials according to the design you want. Specify also, whether the mirror will be put on the frame or not. This will affect the installation techniques and thickness is used.

Measure carefully field wall will be fitted with a mirror. If the design of the walls are made of pieces of mirror, do not forget to note also the size of each piece-his. Make sure that when the mirror pieces that have been arranged, resized suitable with field wall. No more, no less. There are two types of Large Decorative Mirror used for interior. If you want reaching effects on the room, use a regular mirror with perfect reflection. If you want the atmosphere of the room a more elegant and cozy, use a bronze mirror. Bronze mirror effect is usually combined with warm lighting.

Mirror designs that will be installed affect the thickness of the Venetian Mirror used. Mirror with a thickness of 5 millimeters is usually used for applications without frames (frame less) in a wide area. Do not use thickness below it, because the mirror will sag and produce shadow space distortion. Meanwhile if using pieces of Large Decorative Mirror arranged in the form of puzzles, you can use Large Decorative Mirror 3 millimeters thick. Use a uniform thickness in order to appear early wall was flat.

Installing sink and plumbing in the mirror cannot be arbitrary. You need a special glass artisan. In addition to the wide glass field, you also need to make holes for mounting Large Decorative Mirror, faucets, and pipes. If not careful, easily cracked and broken glass. Placement of the mirror on the wall opposite the storage. Large Decorative Mirror mounted not on the field, but segregated in accordance with the distance and position of storage. Of course this is aimed to let you easily monitor directly toiletries in the closet; towels, soaps and facial cleansers, so you can easily reach them too. The Large Decorative Mirror are fitted with the same height. The distance is created equal, for each mirror about 10cm. The distance is only about how to install it, no impact on glance effect. To be safe, the edges of the mirror should sloped and not sharp, so it is safe when you reach completeness shower. Mirror’s edge also polished smooth so as not to leave the cut rough and hurt his hand. Comfort and safety are required to consider when arranging a bathroom accented Large Decorative Mirror