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Convex Wall Mirrors Journey from Ancient Times to Today

Who does not know the Convex Wall Mirrors ? is a mirror that has a regular external curvature. The center of the mirror is closer to the object than the [...]

Welcoming Chinese New Year with Wall Mirror Decoration

margovenetianmirror.com – Chinese New Year is not just a celebration, but also a place where families gather at home. Home decoration is very important for this important celebration, one of [...]

The Charm of Convex Glass in the Home Environment

Surely you already know about convex mirrors? Yes, a convex mirror is a mirror with a convex surface that diverges (spreads light). In a convex mirror, the face is semicircular [...]
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What is Concave Mirror Function at Home?

It may sound strange but a concave mirrors can do a lot of good for your home. Something even stranger might be when you hear that not all mirrors in [...]
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Install Convex Wall Mirrors For wall décor

We are manufacture for all mirrors decors, often more than one in every room of the house. How can you be sure that you are ready to socialize without checking [...]

Interior More Aesthetic by Distressed Industrial Mirror!

Distressed Industrial Mirror is a new breakthrough to complement the increasingly contemporary interior of your home. The reason is, this is a glass design that is inspired by modern industrial [...]
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6 Useful Multi-Functional Concave Glass Mirrors, The Right Solution For Your Various Needs!

Do you know what is meant by Concave Glass Mirror? Is, a glass or mirror that is concave. This glass has a surface that can reflect incoming light even though [...]
Modern Wall Mirror

The Good Things of Having Contemporary Glass Mirror at Home

Mirror in any form, such as a contemporary glass mirror, comes with many benefits for any space. More importantly, when it comes to this design or style, it gets better [...]
Baroque Leaner Mirror

What is different Types of Baroque Leaner Mirror?

One of the things that you need to know about a Baroque mirror is the different types of Baroque leaner mirror that you will be able to find out there. A mirror [...]
Venetian Mirror

Top 3 Venetian Etched Leaner Mirror Decoration Ideas

You need to know about the best Venetian etched leaner mirror decoration ideas if you want to be able to make your house look beautiful in an instant. A Venetian mirror is [...]
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How to Decorate Your Bedroom with the Venetian Style

Are you a fan of something old-fashioned, classy, elegant, and vintage? Then, get ready to fall in love with the Venetian design. Have you ever heard about this interior design? [...]
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Why are Venetian Mirrors So Unique?

It is believed that the Venetian style is the most romantic style in interior designs. This style was especially popular during the Renaissance era. It looks gorgeous and romantic at [...]

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