The Best Design of Living Room Mirrors

Installation Venetian wall mirror special double-sided tape and glue yellow does not mean the mirror can be removed at any time and reused. If you want to replace the mirror with other coatings, should remove the mirror from the wall at the same time with its back panel. You also need to adjust the design of the room, pay attention to the technical installation, and do not forget to wear safety equipment work. In the past, the mirror is only used as a supplement when makeup. Application framed and hung on the wall. Now, the mirror is widely used to create the illusion of space. A small space look more spacious. To apply, a mirror mounted on extensive field wall. As installed continuously from floor to ceiling. Installation process is not complicated. However, the mirror tends fragile and breakable requires extra caution. To the maximum, there are 7 (seven) things you should consider before installing:

Make a design plan in the beginning, as this will affect the type of Living Room Mirrors and installation techniques. Determine the location of the mirror, can be on one area of the wall in full or partially. Living Room Mirrors mounted on one corner of the room the size of a door can also give the illusion of space behind the wall. Condition, put the furniture adjacent to the glass wall in order to create the perfect illusion. Wide field of Living Room Mirrors can also be modified to make pieces of mirror and compose like a puzzle to cover the entire wall. It can also be combined with other material suitable design that you want.

Specify also, whether the frame or mirror will wear it or not. This will affect the installation techniques and the thickness of the Living Room Mirrors used. Measure carefully field wall will be fitted with a mirror. If the design of the walls are made of pieces of mirror, do not forget to note also the size of each piece of mirror. Make sure that when the mirror pieces that have been arranged, to be fitted in the wall. The accuracy of this measurement is used also as a guide when ordering and installing Living Room Mirrors.

There are two types of Living Room Mirrors used for interior. If you want to give a broad effect on the room, use a regular mirror with perfect reflection. If you want a more elegant atmosphere and cozy space, use a bronze mirror. Bronze mirror effect is usually combined with warm lighting. Mirror design that will be installed on the thickness of the mirror effect. Use Living Room Mirrors 5 millimeter thickness for application in the mirror without frames (frameless) in a wide area. Do not use thickness below it, because the mirror will sag and produce shadow space distortion.

Meanwhile, the design using a mirror framed by ample use of Living Room Mirrors with a thickness of 3 millimeters. This is because the position of the mirror frame took hold. If you want to use pieces of Living Room Mirrors arranged in the form of puzzles, you can use a thickness of 3 millimeters to the size of about 30 cm x 30 cm. Use a uniform thickness when using small pieces of Living Room Mirrors arranged on one area of the wall, in order to look flat wall