The combinations’ of the small House and Mirror.

Venetian Mirror

Houses and mirrors is one of the primary needs of people. The place of refuge, rest, and where the inhabitants to do. Mirror as a mirror, interior design accessories, to cover the window, until the separation between rooms. The increasing demand for home today resulted in land prices soaring and home interior accessory. Owning a small home turned out to be an option.

Small house is Not mean a narrow, let alone less livable. When we process and set it properly and jellies, dream house in a limited area not impossible for the manifest. Suppose the mirrors as a wall decoration becoming the room will appear more spacious. And also because there is glass so that space will become the center of attention for the owner or the viewer. With term of combination fuction, and aesthetics, each room will be able to meet the needs of its occupants to the maximum and remained good in view and comfortable habitation.

A small house with a building area of ​​100m2 under mostly owned if the young couple. Therefore has a very romantic room with the impression in need. Expertise to select interior good as a wall decoration, furniture, also is in need. Herein lays the challenge to be in terms of function and estimate to face in every room. Ability and creativity in putting together a house to be key to overcoming these challenges. By placing mirrors furniture can make the choice. Suppose put mirrors with heart motif in the bedroom, it can give the impression of romantic, as an expression of feeling for the occupants. Mirror Can also be a place look face, or interior decoration design.