Full Length Mirrors

Things to Know about Decorating Your Home with Full Length Mirrors

Full length mirrors can be a wow factor to a room. You can always hang it on the wall or let it rest on the floor. However, some people find it hard to decorate their rooms with a floor mirror. So, where will you place your full length large mirror in the room?

In this article, we have some suggestions you can try when it comes to decorating your home with a large floor mirror.

Let it be contemporary

The best part of using a mirror as part of the decorative elements is its versatility. Regardless of the interior style, mirrors will always be the right element to be in the room.

Full length mirrors
Full length mirrors

Full length floor mirror is a perfect accent in a bedroom, especially if you are a contemporary style enthusiast. Leaning a floor mirror next to a modern dresser helps you to get ready while spreading a contemporary vibe to the entire room.

A Black-framed mirror is a good addition to neutral colours. If it fits, put your mirror next to the door to make a nice impression.

Infuse antique vibe

Meanwhile, the space around your bedside is a perfect spot to place a full length antique mirror. If your bedroom only has one bedside, the mirror will balance the arrangement. Other than that, the mirror naturally brings an airy vibe to the room without neglecting the stylish look.

Antique Mirror
Antique Mirror

If you will stick to the antique style, be sure to keep the decoration in the room as light as possible. Even a little amount of antiqueness from a full length Venetian mirror can overwhelm the visual in the bedroom.

A pair of mirrors

When it comes to full length mirrors, doubling the number will be a good idea too. You can hang the mirrors on the wall right behind the bedside table.

The symmetric arrangement brings some modern vibes in while keeping the decoration as minimal as possible. Regardless of the style, using two similar mirrors is a good idea to touch your bedroom. It looks cohesive and eclectic at the same time.

Antique Mirror Round
Antique Mirror Round

Feel free to use a rounded full length wall mirror, after all. The soft edges help to break up the lines of the furniture in the room.

Bring is the mid-century vibe

If you have a full length vintage mirror, you can let it lead on the wall and embrace the mid-century vibe. All you need to do is pair the mirror with wood tones, white, and bold black in the room. To create a balanced look, it is recommended to put the mirror parallel to the bed. Besides the look, you should consider the traffic flow too.

Your mirror can (and mostly always) be a focal point in the room. Thus, be sure to treat it properly.

Play with shapes

antique full length mirror
antique full length mirror

Some full length mirror standing pieces have fun shapes. Playing with shapes, on the other hand, helps to add a sculptural element to the room. Putting a statement statue is not how you bring the aesthetic in the bedroom. However, you can get the same effect by incorporating full length mirrors in the right spot.

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