Various Shapes of Venetian Mirrors to Beautify Bathrooms

Nowadays, along with the development of the property world, of course there are more and more choices of types of furniture including venetian mirrors with various shapes and models to choose from to help beautify various rooms including bathrooms. It is mandatory for the homeowner to design with additional furniture and accessories in every room in his residence in order to get comfortable when in it.

Likewise with the bathroom space, almost all bathroom designs have a venetian mirror whose function is not just to see appearance. The existence of a Bathroom Venetian Mirror can provide access and a broad impression.
There are many reasons why people love venetian mirrors in the bathroom. First, they want to make sure their body is clean after bathing. Secondly, there are also those who use venetian mirrors to ensure that no soap or foam is left behind after bathing. And there are many more reasons for the third, fourth, and so on.

Venetian Bathroom Round Mirror
Venetian Bathroom Round Mirror

What are the Venetian mirrors to beautify the bathroom?

As previously mentioned, the venetian bathroom mirror is not only functional but also adds to the aesthetics. For that, you should not be careless in choosing a Venetian mirror. Choose one that can give an aesthetic impression so that your bathroom looks prettier.

1. Frameless venetian mirror

Frameless means without a frame, where the Venetian mirror has no frame at all. This type of Venetian mirror is very popular today and is often used in homes with a minimalist type.

Actually, the use of venetian mirrors like this is not only intended for bathroom spaces. Lots of people like to add Venetian Style Mirrors in various rooms, such as in the living room to the bedroom. The minimalist impression is very thick when the room is added with a Venetian frameless mirror. Especially if you really want to show a minimalist impression in the bathroom. Obviously this is the best choice.

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Venetian Octagonal Bathroom Mirror
Venetian Octagonal Bathroom Mirror

2. Venetian folding mirror

Who says venetian mirrors are only flat. There is a Venetian Bathroom Large Mirror that is designed as if it is folded. The goal is to provide high aesthetic value.

There is one question you must answer. Are there accessories in the corner of your bathroom? If there is, then that’s where you can install this folding venetian mirror. This will make the corners in your bathroom not look plain. Moreover, this one accessory will make a vocal point in your home bathroom.

Usually, under this folding Venetian mirror there is a sink, which is a place to brush your teeth. Install a venetian mirror with a height according to your height and that of your family members.

Trifold Venetian Mirror
Trifold Venetian Mirror

3. Curved venetian mirror

Surely you are familiar with square or Rectangular Venetian Mirrors? How about a curved venetian mirror? It includes a venetian aesthetic mirror that you can install in the bathroom.
This can be installed in a bathroom with a ceiling height that is not too high with a bathroom area that is not that wide. So, the Venetian mirror doesn’t seem to fill the entire bathroom wall.

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