Venetian Mirror : A Guide To The Venetian Mirror

10The Venetian mirror is a form of art as well as a mirror. It can add a touch of timeless elegance to any interior, and one of these items will always be the main attraction in any room of the house.

These mirrors are known for engraved carving and intricate details, mirrored borders and the trademark rosettes that adorn every single mirror. The polished edges, the arches and long lines create a unique and classical appearance. Some mirrors have been etched although this technique was more popular in the past and is used less today.

The city of Venice was renowned by its expertise in making glass and in the 16th century its glass-makers started to produce beautiful glass mirrors. In the beginning days, the mirrors were luxury items that were only available to the richest upper classes of Venice and around Europe, but today they have become available to anyone who wants to invest in Venetian glass. Originally, mirrors were used less for admiring oneself and more for adding light to a room, and for this purpose, they were placed together with candles.

Cut glass mirrors and etched mirrors are suitable for most interiors. In the 1700’s etching became a widespread way of glass decoration and this method created a beautiful pattern. Some etched mirrors are still made today. Freestanding mirrors became popular in the 18th century and were usually set in wood. The wood used to be simple, but as time passed, wood frames were increasingly decorated with ornate motifs.

Over time, gilded frames were added to protect the glass. Sometimes the frames were decorated with intricate and ornate techniques. There are many beautiful examples of antique gilded mirrors available on the market today and these have become very popular. In the 1900’s, mirrors framed with carved wood became more common.

These unique creations come in a range of shapes from circular and oval to rectangular. A mirror can make a room look more spacious than it really is. A Venetian mirror will always be the centerpiece of any room in the house, so keep this in mind when thinking about where to place it.

The true and genuine products are hand made, and can never be machine produced. Today mirrors are created by experts who are often part of a long family line of artists and who have learns the techniques from their forefathers. The details of the engravings and the way the glass has been polished to achieve the unique appearance are skills that have been passed down through generations of glass-makers.