Venetian Mirror Round Suitable For Small Room

The mirror is believed to be one of the best home decorations. If you are interested in using a mirror as the interior of the house, use a mirror as a decoration, for example in the bathroom or closet door model with walk-in-closet. This will make your room look bigger. For an odd corner of the house, you can also use a mirror as a garnish. The trick is to combine beautiful frames and Venetian Mirror Round are small. Put the hook position, or can be in between two doors side by side.

You can also use Venetian Mirror Round as a sweetener wall. For example, a mirror shaped like a honeycomb. The trick is to cut hexagon-shaped mirror with a diameter of about 15 cm, then collated into a honeycomb shape. Such type of decoration will be able to steal the attention of people who are entering the room. The mirror is of course necessary in the bathroom. To impress dramatic, you can install a large mirror in your bathroom. Place behind the sink so the mirror can cover the surface of the wall, from ceiling to bathroom with sink surface. But make sure the type of sink you, because the model is suitable for a mirror-like sink.

Venetian Mirror Round used as an exit for various problems . When placed carefully can help chi energy to move more harmoniously. It was also able to address the risks caused by various problems, for example, elongated and narrow corridors, small rooms or L-shaped and small stairs at the front entrance.

Therefore, the mirror is able to direct chi energy and light to the rest of the house of his stagnant chi energy. In addition to also be able to reflect the energy of chi energy surplus area. It was also able to deflect fast moving chi energy, chi or chi unfortunate that cut. There are two types of Venetian Mirror Round used, the flat mirror and a convex mirror. Flat Venetian Mirror Round to redirect chi energy in one direction, while the convex Venetian Mirror Round spread in different directions. Convex Venetian Mirror Round are usually round, while flat Venetian Mirror Round can be in various forms, for example, rectangular, square, round, oval or irregular. Octagonal side Venetian Mirror Round are harmonized with eight directions. However, other forms may also have significance. In addition, material and color mirror also had little impact on the surrounding chi.

In addition to the mirror, any object that has a reflective surface can affect the flow of chi energy. An example is anything that sparkles, for example, knocker, door knob, mail box, ornaments, pictures coated glass, metal containers and other complementary. Flat objects, for example, the image in the glass frame serves as a flat mirror. While the object has a specific shape such as door knocker serves as a convex mirror. The more glossy a surface is, the stronger its effect on chi energy. Such objects can be used as a substitute for a mirror. When placed in the dark areas like the corners of the room, it will make the chi energy to keep moving