A Reflection of Elegance with Antique Wall Mirror

It’s no surprise that mirrors were used as an important element in every house. It doesn’t always serve as a decoration. Sometimes mirrors are integrated into the house interior. Mirrors can enhance electric or natural light. Providing a larger impression of the room. Houses with mirror interiors seem much brighter and spacious. Antique Wall Mirrors also add characters to the room.

Before the clean and smooth surfaces mirrors were created, companies produced mirrors made from copper, polished stones, and bronze. Nowadays, the trend of using antique mirrors as a piece of the interior has been climbing. Antique mirror company created a customized process of mirror silvering. This custom process offers different finishes and was initiated to tailor to customers’ needs. The process also shortened the process of real antique mirror making which took more than 100 years. Using certain chemicals to create Distressed Wall Mirror effects.

Antique glass mirror
Distressed Wall Mirror

History of Mirrors

The first mirrors were made 8000 years ago in Turkey. They were initially made from obsidian. A volcanic glass form. The process requires crushing and polishing. Since then, mirrors are produced in China and India using Bronze or Copper.

The first Antique Style Mirrors were made by Italy. Venetians created the idea of mercury mirrors by combining tin and mercury. But at the time, not many knew how to create a floor-length mirror. Until the 18th century, this kind of mirror was only available to the rich. After that, the French created the mirror hall in the Palace of Versailles. Spreading craftsmanship all across the world.

Antique glass mirror panel
Antique Mirror Style

Antique Mirror Installation

Ever since then, Antique Mirror Wall Panels for house interiors have become a trend. This design can create a vintage feeling. Bringing a level of elegance according to the owner. Some adjustments that you can make are finishes and cuts. However, you might need a consultation to find which one is best. Some people have their own preferences and we’re here to help.

For antique mirror wall panels, the recommended cuts are beveled or clean cut. With the dimension not larger than 100 x 200 mm. This size is perfect for antique mirror wall panel installation. For antique mirror tiles, the recommended dimension is 200 x 200 mm. The finishing can be adjusted with other interiors. For the kitchen, you might want to use subtle vintage. But if you have a marble island, opt for light antique finishes. For a darker effect, you can use dark cloud finishes.

Antique Mirror Wall Tiles
Antique Mirror Wall Tiles

There are many things to discuss before installation. We offer full services for reasonable prices. Including consultation until installation. That’s why we’re here to help you. Together we can find the right antique mirror installation for your designated spaces. Whether you want Antique Mirror Tiles or antique mirror wall panels.

We also offer many designs for you to choose, don’t be afraid to communicate your needs. Contact us now and get the best deals for antique mirror installation. Only available today. Don’t miss a chance to bring into life your dream interior designs with us, the best Antique Mirror Company.

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