Classic Venetian Mirrors To Decorate Your Home Walls

Classic Venetian Mirrors To Decorate Your Home Walls

Their Venetian Mirror Company is capable of registering sophistication in any environment. This is a classic mirror with a long history. Today, various companies from Murano continue to produce this distinctive mirror because apart from the moon, they also have Octagonal Venetian mirror frames. The frame is usually made of small decorated pieces with floral motifs carved on a stone lathe.

Originally, the Venetian Glass Mirror frame was made of carved wood or ivory, but at the edges. The current XVIII typical glass print. Molding which besides displaying carved motifs as we have mentioned, can also display crystal flowers which are cut manually.

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Ideas For Decorating With Venetian Mirrors

Would you like to put a sophistication log file in a secret room in your house? If so, in the Venetian mirror you will find a great ally. Place them on the dresser in the hall, above the fireplace in the living room or in the bathroom to add a vintage touch.

Bet on one large mirror or combine smaller mirrors with others to create original sets, as we show in the image below. In the living room, in the hall, in the locker room or in the bathroom. Venetian Mirror Edges are very striking and a great source of wall decoration for our homes. Look for inspiration in the images we’ve put together so you know how to get the most out of this classic.

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  • Venetian mirror in the hall

it is the ideal complement to comfort and a classic or neoclassical style buffet. Choose the two pieces carefully so that the mirror does not completely cover the width of the wardrobe. Dress up the dresser with Small Decorative Mirror accessories and a few plants that each add personality and freshness to the set.

Venetian Mirror Gold

Venetian Mirror Gold

  • Venetian mirror in the bedroom

You will benefit greatly from a Venetian mirror in the bedroom. A standing Round Venetian Mirror would be very practical in a dressing room or near a wardrobe. You can look at yourself from head to toe and approve or disapprove of your outfit before you leave the house in the morning.

You can also use it in your console or wardrobe to make a dressing table where you can do your hair or make up. We also really enjoy in children’s and youth bedrooms, hanging on the chest of drawers. Think mirrors are a great ally for reflecting light and adding depth to a room.

Trifold Venetian Mirror

Trifold Venetian Mirror

  • Venetian mirror for decorating living room

In the living room, the usual thing to do is find a Venetian Mirror Rectangular over the chimney ASAP. But we have also seen in the classic style living room in the toilet that frames the sofa. Also, as we mentioned before, glass can be used in conjunction with other mirrors to decorate the main wall.

Venetian Mirror Living Room

Venetian Mirror Living Room

  • Venetian mirror in bathroom

If there’s a room where a mirror is an essential element, it’s the bathroom. Even so, we were surprised by how many possibilities we found for decorating a bathroom with the Oval Venetian Mirror, regardless of the decoration style used.

Venetian Mirror Bathroom

Venetian Mirror Bathroom


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