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Convex Wall Mirror Maximizes Positive Energy Power

Decorative Convex Mirrors have now poisoned the whole world with their presence, including Indonesia. And in 2022, we now encounter convex mirrors everywhere, for example at the junction and at the junction there is a Convex Mirror which is used as a “Safety Mirror”.

Aside from being a safety glass, it turns out that convex mirrors are also used in our daily lives. Small Convex Mirror is usually used in camera lenses and also used in car headlights.

The mirror is an object that many people are looking for and its function is to reflect. And Mirror was born in 2000 BC. In the past, this model of mirror could only be used by the upper class. And after the development of the mirror era used as room decoration. And in the 14th century the “Glass Blowing” method was discovered and this discovery resulted in Convex Wall Mirrors and mirror production increased.

For its manufacture in ancient times, it used the traditional method, namely using specially made molds and requiring a long processing time. Mirrors are often called everyone’s good item, as they can make a room feel lively and bright, when placed properly. Maximizing the power of energy in the house can be realized with various forms of mirrors.

One way is to use a convex wall mirror. This mirror is perfect for spreading energy, and makes a great decoration for any room. In addition, convex mirrors can spread a lot of energy in the house. This Large Convex Mirror This model of wall decoration is one of the most popular mirrors that is currently in great demand by the public.

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Convex Mirror Large
Convex Mirror Large

The following are types of convex mirrors that you can apply as an energy force.

Types of Convex Mirrors

  • Antique Convex Mirror

the convex mirror with antique style has classic motifs that can make this element a special attraction for the public. Its presence in a room will give a touch of elegance, beauty, and of course unique, because its type is different from the others.

You can place this Antique Convex Mirror in the living room, bedroom or any room. Its presence will bring high potential, because even a narrow room will feel spacious with this antique convex mirror.

Apart from that, you can also combine it with other interior furniture such as cabinets. You need to understand, not all glass companies can produce Silver Convex Mirror, currently we are a Convex Mirror Company.

Convex Mirror Silver Antique
Convex Mirror Silver Antique
  • Spherical Convex Mirror

Next there is a round convex mirror in blue, this beautiful color is the dream of everyone who sees it. Blue as a color that gives calm and perfection, this mirror with a calm color is ideal to be applied in any room.

Apart from its extraordinary beauty, this type of mirror when used as a room decoration will add to the spirit. Redecorating a room with this Glass Convex Mirror brings great benefits to a dwelling.

In addition to various kinds of beauty and usability, you can also customize it according to the wishes that interest you. Starting from the current, unique, plain, elegant, and many more.

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Convex Double Blue Antique
Convex Double Blue Antique


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