Decoration Ideas with 1950’s Wall Mirrors


Placing a mirror can be an instant, smart idea to quickly make a room at your house look more aesthetic. Not only in a bedroom or bathroom, but you can also place this piece of furniture in other rooms. Do not doubt to place a mirror in your family room or even living room. If you want to make a small room look more spacious, placing a mirror can be a solution. The mirror will reflect the surrounding area, making it look larger.

Mirrors are available in a lot of various models and designs. If you love something vintage and classy, a 1950’s wall mirror can be your choice. Below are some ideas to decorate a room by using a 1950’s antique wall mirror.

Antique glass mirror

Gold Frames

A vintage style is linked to something old-fashioned, classy, and luxury. So, in order to instantly decorate a room with a vintage style, choose a 1950’s vintage mirror with a gold frame. You can place this vintage mirror in your living room, above a sofa. This way, your living room will look more spacious. It will be better if you hang this mirror on white, black, grey, or light brown walls. This decoration idea will bring an elegance to your living room.

antique mirror

Round Minimalist

Who says that a 1950’s Venetian mirror cannot be placed in a minimalist room? If you want to combine this vintage mirror with a minimalist design, choose a round-shaped wall mirror. Choose the one in white, grey, or brown. This will make the room look practical as well as spacious at the same time. Moreover, the simple, round shape of the vintage mirror will not ruin the minimalist style. You can place such a mirror above a table or dressing table in your bedroom.

You can also place decorative plants on the table in order to make the decoration idea look livelier. Or, you can decorate the mirror with green leaves or your favorite flowers. Choose philodendron or pachira that will grow following the frame shape. If you want it to look more aesthetic, try to hang round vintage mirrors in 3 different sizes.

Antique mirror bathroom
Antique Mirror Glass

Rectangular Mirrors

A 1950’s distressed mirror is also available in a rectangular shape. This model of vintage mirror is also ideal to be placed in a minimalist room or modern room, without ruining the interior design. Instead, the basic shape will create a warm impression and avoid a tacky look. You can place a rectangular vintage mirror in your living room, above a sofa. Or, you can also opt for placing it in your foyer. It will be a unique, gorgeous decoration in the area.

Antique mirror glass
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