Make your home look like the 80s with Antique Mirror Wall

Home is a place of refuge from all things. And also a place to rest when we are tired, So we have to make our home as comfortable as possible. But how?? You have to know what concept or theme suits you. For example, if you want a classic concept, you can use an Antique Mirror Wall as your main decoration. You can adjust it to the atmosphere of your home. Antique Mirror Wall provides a calm and peaceful atmosphere, besides that you can also reminisce.

Antique glass mirror
Antique Mirror Glass

Antique Mirrors have a variety of unique motifs and shapes, you can have them with one of them. For example, if you want to use an Antique Mirror Panel, this mirror has a different design from the others, you can get it in the form of a panel according to your wishes. You can stick as many walls as your character wants, so you’ll be happy if you can customize the mirror to your liking. These mirrors use a permanent system so you have to think about where is the right place for you to install.

In addition you can also use Antique Mirror Tiles, this mirror is almost similar to Antique Panel only the difference is that this mirror uses a frame, the advantage of this mirror is that you can move this mirror as much as you like. You can get it with a size of 120 cm x 60 cm. 140 cm x 80 cm and can also be adjusted to what you want to use to decorate your room.

Antique Wall Mirror Tiles
Antique Wall Mirror Tiles

Or if you want it to look more antique, you can use Distressed Mirror Glass, which Antiques are more damaged and look like very old mirrors. You can get them in Square, rectangular, round and abstract shapes. For mirrors, not all mirrors have a high artistic value, therefore you must choose the right place so as not to reduce the artistic value.

In addition, there are also many designs and sizes that you can have, we are one of the Antique Mirror Suppliers and also have an Antique Mirror Company, there are many choices of Antique Mirror Glass. When you want to decorate, don’t choose the wrong concept, don’t follow other people’s words too much. Because a good house only we can judge and enjoy the results of our own hard work.

Antiqued Panel Mirror Jerico MG 014374
Antiqued Panel Mirror

The Large Antique Mirror is part of the elegance and unique furnishings of the Antique style. There was a time when classic-style items such as plates and cutlery also graced the dining tables in the world’s finest homes and palaces. Fruit plates, plates and bowls are as popular as ever, but are more often used on vanity tops, fireplace mantels, or hung on the wall, as an elegant decorative element. Antiue mirrors hold up better in the flow of time.

Contemporary Antique Mirror Alfredo MG 014370
Contemporary Antique Mirror Alfredo

Antique Mirror Glass has everlasting popularity in the world, it is said that quality never goes out of style. They have been used in places that were once home to royalty. Antique mirrors are known to enhance the beauty of any place they are paid for. Stylish and luxurious hand design, they provide a separate connection to the environment. It really gives an elegant look to the property and the furnishings it offers a kind of unmatched beauty or even a status symbol.

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By Zaenal