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Geometry Antique Mirror

Antique Style Mirror As The Main Interior Of The Room

Surely many of you already know about mirrors, and many also say, mirrors are objects that bring good luck. Because the mirror has a different aura with other interiors. Antique [...]

Welcoming Chinese New Year with Wall Mirror Decoration – Chinese New Year is not just a celebration, but also a place where families gather at home. Home decoration is very important for this important celebration, one of [...]
Pameran Solo Art&Craft

Margo Glass Gallery Ramaikan Pameran Solo Art & Craft di Solo Paragon – Solo Art & Craft merupakan pameran yang digelar di Grand Atrium Solo Paragon Mall Lifestyle dimulai tanggal 12 Januari 2022 sampai 16 januari 2022 . Solo kota yang [...]

Living Room Antique Wall Mirror Charm

The charm of the living room looks classic with hanging wall decorations. Antique mirrors with their signature style can complete the perfect look. mirror pattern with natural black spots is [...]
Antique Venetian Wall Mirror

Karya Antique Wall Mirror Dari Margo Glass Gallery

Sumber:Danisa Tasya Wulandari ABSTRAK : Antique wall Mirror atau yang sering disebut dengan Cermin Antik sering sekali menjadi daya tarik dikalangan designer arsitek dan interior. Karena jenis kaca cermin ini selalu memiliki [...]

Antique Style Mirror With Pros

Antique Style Mirror Is a mainstay that is usually used as a collection of mirror lovers. Because Antique style mirrors are rarely found in various places. Besides that, it is [...]

What is Antique Style Mirror ?

Antique Style Mirrors Or better known as antique mirror is Rust that does not spread on the mirror’s reflecting surface and produces a permanent irregular graphic. Antique mirrors are often [...]

Decoration Ideas with 1950’s Wall Mirrors

  Placing a mirror can be an instant, smart idea to quickly make a room at your house look more aesthetic. Not only in a bedroom or bathroom, but you [...]

Types of Antiqued Glass Mirror Designs You Can Choose, Make Your Home Interior Unique and Luxurious!

Antiqued Glass Mirror can make your home interior more eccentric. So, the quirky style will give a dramatic and aesthetic touch. Make your home decoration more attractive and charming to [...]
owen rectangle Mirror

1950’s Wall Mirror Complete Your Classic Home Design, Antique and More Dramatic!

1950’s Wall Mirror, perfect for those of you who like antiques. Namely, classic glass with ancient design models. As a wall mirror that applies the art of design in the [...]
antique mirror square

Antique Mirror Glass To Complete Your Home Interior Design, Looks More Aesthetic and Makes It Comfortable!

Antique Mirror Glass will make your home look attractive and different from the others. Because, the uniqueness resulting from this mirror design makes its own allure for those who see [...]
Antique Mirror Panel

Use Distressed Mirror Tiles For The Interior Of Your Home, A Comfort Solution For Its Residents!

Distressed Mirror Tiles is a category of glass made from mercury. This distressed mirror has become a manufacturing technique used by Like Mirror. A large, old mirror, using a classic [...]

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