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It’s no secret that the touch of the vintage interior can make your house look elegant. One of the most unique mirrors is Venetian Mirror. But what is the history of the Venetian Style Mirror and how can you use it in your house settings?

The History of the Venetian Mirror

In the 15th century, Murano rose to fame as the capital of the glass-making industry. Murano is one of the Venetian Island in Italy. Also known as the “Isle of Glass.” The ground-breaking flat mirror technique was created by professional craftsmen in Venice.

The first step in creating a flat mirror is to melt tin into glass tubs. After the tin cooled down, the artisans divided it into pieces and applied them to the smooth glass surface. They also mixed in gold and bronze metals to produce a beautiful reflecting effect.

venetian glass mirror

The unrivaled quality of these Venetian mirrors created a new reality. Where industry competes to be the biggest Venetian Mirror Manufacture. But Venetian artisans are very secretive about their glass-making techniques. Glass-maker artists were dispensed across the Island, making it hard for people to possess this rare ability. Therefore, the only people who could afford the beauty of Venetian mirrors were considerably wealthy. The price of a single Venetian mirror at the time was similar to a naval ship.

Venetian mirrors gained cult-like status as collectibles. King Henry VIII of England and King Francis I of France were two royals that possessed an obsession with Venetian mirrors. Over time, Venetian mirrors become home decorations. This is also considered an affordable investment.

Technical Challenges

One of many technical challenges faced by Venetian Mirror Manufacture is the glass-making process. Artisans have perfected Venetian mirrors with the touch of gold dust. Creating Gold Venetian Mirror. This process might have been adapted to the modern setting. Where they use a combination of lead and mirrors to create a translucent effect. This combination can be adjusted according to artistic needs.

Gold Venetian Mirror

The combination between the gold-dust effect and the effect creates a different kind of Venetian Mirrors. With these combinations, we can get unique borders and even stuff like flowers and ribbon effects.

Tips To Use Venetian Mirror in Your House

The touch of a Venetian mirror is usually paired with a clean and crisp room. Nowadays, Venetian mirrors have customs borders you can choose. The most familiar ones are gold Venetian mirrors and Black Venetian mirrors. These choices also go well with a neutral interior in your house. It is also safe to discuss it with your designer first. Other than color choices, there are also some border choices. Do you want something simple but elegant? Or do you want something lavish with a personal touch? The options are unlimited with Venetian Mirrors. Better to check with your local Venetian Mirror Manufacture.

Venetian mirror full length
Venetian Black Mirror

Mirrors are crucial elements of your house, and Venetian Mirrors are a timeless piece to have. Not to mention the vintage feels it gives to your house. So what’s going to be your choice?

What You Need To Know About The Venetian Wall Mirror

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